Dakar Day 9

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Dakar Day 9 is a big one. The 465 km loop around Neom could very well shape the final outcome in more than one category in the 2012 race. Will Nasser catch Peter? Is the bike race now between Flormino and Price? And can our Southern African stars deliver another stage win. Or two. Scroll down to follow it all. as it happens, right here!

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15h26 Cars: we told you today would be tough up top. Here’s the full report.

15h00 Cars: Serradori has hit trouble to leave Attiyah to claw back to second from de Villiers, Al Rajhi, Baragwanath and Perkop. Full report coming up.

14h40 Cars: Stephane Peterhansel is home, 12 minutes clear of Nasser Al Attiyah. Which means Mr. Dakar now leads by 17 minutes 50 seconds overall. But did he win the day? Let’s see what happens next.

13h 40 Bikes: The fight in he bikes is now for third with 13 minutes separating Barreda, Sunderland, Sanders, Brabec, Howes and Santolino. On the road today, Yamaha’s Adrien van Beveren came home third from Walkner, Barreda, Santolino, Sanders, Howes and Brabec.

13h35 Cars: While Serradori and Peterhansel have made off up front, there’s a splendid eight-way spat going down behind with de Villiers,. Al Attiyah. Al Rajhi and Baragwanath aomg the bunch spit by 8 minutes.

13h30 All: We said up top that today may well shape the race and it seems we were on the money. Heart and bone-breaking Day 9 has been dramatic so far…

13h25 Cars: Not that it makes any difference overall, but Mattieu Serradori now leads the day in his SA-built Century from Peterhansel, de Villiers. Attiyah, Al Rajhi and Baragwanath. What that may well do however, is see to it that Peterhansel remains without a stage win in spite of leading all the way since Day 1!

12h55 Bikes: Kevin Benavides and Jose Ignacio Cornejo Flormino have finished the day in a Honda 1-2 split by a minute and a half, with the rest to follow. That’s however academic as Flormino now leads Benavides by 11 minutes overall withthe rest likely to end up over 20 minutes behind after today’s heartbreaking stage…

12h15 Bikes. Now Luciano Benavides , tenth overnight, has crashed out following a great day until then. That’s three top riders out in a matter of hours after second placed Price’s crash and Branch’s engine failure from 13th…

12h10 Cars: Serradori is through 198 km WP6 just 10 seconds off Peterhansel, who has meanwhile taken another 5 minutes out of Nasser at 271 km WP8. Which also means there is still 200 km to race today…

11h50 Cars: Peterhansel leads Al Rajhi, de Villiers, Attiyah, Przygonski, Vasilyev and Baragwanath at 198 km with Serradori still to pass

11h30 Bikes: Not much change up front as Benavides and Flormino hold station ahead of van Beveren, Walkner, Sanders, Santolino and Barreda after the earlier demise of Price and branch

11h25 Cars: As expected, it’s all change at 157 km WP5 as Peterhansel leads Serradori by a minute from Al Rajhi, Al Attiyah, de Villiers, Przygonski, Roma, Vasilyev and Baragwanath. Expect it to keep changing…

11h10 Cars: It’s all change behind Peter and Nasser in the cars at the 121 km WP4 (the top two are holding station beyond 198 km WP6) as Serradori is up to fifth in hte Century from Al Rajhi, Prokop, Roma, de Villiers and Przygonski, but its changing wildly by the minute

10h50 Cars: Now Sainz slips to 20 minutes. Peter is 5:43 clear of Nasser, Przygonski, Vasilyev (watch him – the silent assassin) Despers & Qassimi. Al Rajhi, Prokop, de Villiers & Baragwanath were on the move at the previous WP, but Variyawa went the other way. Seems like it’s hell out there…

10h30 Cars: Nasser has over lost 5 minutes into 157 km WP5. A puncture, perhaps? That’s about what Sainz lost to a similar issue a little earlier. It’s very clearly tough out there today…

10h25 Cars: Peterhansel and Attiyah are now out front on their own, Nasser 48 seconds adrift as the rest drop back. Variyawa. Baragwanath and de Villiers are meanwhile tussling together on the cusp of the top ten

10h20 Bikes: more drama as Barreda, Brabec Sanders and Sunderland lose between 10 and 20 minutes into the 239 km waypoint. Florimo was 2 minutes off Kevin Benavides at that point.Barreda

10h10 Bikes: Toby Price is out – he’s been airlifted to hospital for X-rays.

10h00 Cars: It’s the Peter & Nasser show as the two duke it out, with Al Attiyah just 7 seconds adrift at 91 km. Sainz has slipped two and a half minutes with Qassimi now third, while Giniel was fifth through WP1, Variyawa 10th and Baragwanath 12th at WP2

09h30 Bikes: Confirmation that Toby Price crashed after 155 km and has injured his left arm and shoulder.

09h25 Cars: The top three are through WP1 with Nasser ahead of Sainz and Peterhansel, with just 6 seconds separating the trio

09h20 Bikes: Florimo leads Benavides, van Beveren, Walkner, Sanders and Howes at WP5. Still no sign of Price on the timing there with 15 bikes who started behind him, through

09h15 Bikes: It seems the drama is coming thick and fast – Toby Price is late ay 157 km WP5…

09h10 Bikes: Ross Branch’s Yamaha has blown its engine. The Kalahari Ferrari is out of the Dakar. What a ride – you did us proud, champ!

08h50 All: The cars are starting as we type, but Dakar’s timing has stopped – bear with us – this usually takes a short while to come right

08h40 Bikes: Whether the riders have learned how to read them; the organisers have tweaked the route the notes, or both of the above, it seems the bikers are having less trouble opening today’s road and we have a real race out there for once. Brilliant

08h35 Bikes: There’s a big dice up front in the bikes. Brabec now leads Kevin Benavides, Price and his overall rival Florimo at 121 km, the two of them split by sixteen seconds and 24 off the lead. he Kalahari Ferrari is the man ion the move though, Ross jumped from 10th to sixth in the third sector as he keeps pace with leader Brabec

08h00 Bikes: Much movement at WPs 2 and 3 as Florimo moves ahead ar 2 and Brabec equals his pace at 3 with Benavides and Price both within 12 seconds,, and Sunderland, Sanders and Bort in pursuit. Meanwhile at WP2, Yamaha man van Beveren has gone fourth and Rossi was 10th

07h30 Bikes: Good morning race fans. First bikes are through WP1 and its Toby Price who is provisionally fastest on his Katoom from Barreda,’s Honda, Sanders’ KTM, Brabec and Florimo’s Hondas and Sunderland’s KTM. The main interest for now is between overall 1-2 Florimo and Price for now, with the Aussie taking 498 seconds out of the Chilean’s 1 minute six lead…

05h30 All: Ignacio Cornejo will get today’s bike stage started at 06h50. The cars follow away at 08h45…

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