Dakar Day 10

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After Tuesday’s drama, what does Dakar Day 10 of 12 have to offer? Well. Stephane Peterhansel and Carlos Sain; Ricky Brabec and Joan Barreda are among several drivers and riders who have bitter experience about leading going in to the third-last day of the Dakar. Believe them, that if anything can go wrong at his late stage, it probably will. So tune in, hold on to your hat and tag along with us as we follow those crucial 342 kilometres in to Al’Ula, right here on the Auto Live Ticker .

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15h20 All: And that’s all folks – click here for today’s race report!

14h10 Bikes: Overnight leader Florimo has withdrawn from the race after his tumble today

13h25 Cars: Not change up front as Al Rajhi storms home to another win from Nasser and Peterhansel split by 49 seconds, so no real change overall

12h40 Cars: Al Rajhi still in control with Nasser just 5 seconds off Peter with 130 km to race,But the second and third cars change places at the next WP.

12h10 Cars: the order at 204 km WP5 is Al Rajhi, Peterhansel, Al Attiyah, Sainz, Baragwanath and de Villiers and fourth to tenth get all shook up.

10h50 Bikes: No! Flormino loses 17 minutes and the overall lead as Benavides now leads Brabec and Flormino in a Honda 1-2-3 with a minute and five seconds splitting the trio! Stage winner Brabec was nowhere and despondent three days ago, bur beat Barreda and Benavides to take the day and quite literally set the bike race alight. Considering Brabec’s rise from 17 minutes behind on Monday to be right there today, Sunderland 10 minutes adrift and Barreda 15 behind Benavides are both very much still in this game…

10h45 Bikes: All eyes on the finish as the slowed Florimo approaches – can he hold on to that overall lead…?

11h40 Cars: Ten seconds between Peter and Nasser at 204km. Plenty action behind if you look a couple of WPs back where Al Rajhi led from Peterhansel, Serradori, Krotov, Vasilyev, Przygonski, Seaidan, Baragwanath and de Villiers

11h35: Bikes Florminio was losing time as teammates Brabec and overall rival Benavides finished the stage – he was 12 minutes off at the final WP, with the virtual overall lead down to under 4 minutes

11h10 Bikes: Big news – leader Florimo took a tumble and lost 10 minutes to allow Benavides to halve his overall deficit as the bikes approach today’s finish

11h05 Cars: Al Rajhi was in charge at 126km from Peterhansel, Attiyah, Baragwanath, Prokop, Serradori and Vasilyev with de Villiers ninth

10h05 Bikes: The top order has settled with Brabec ahead of Florimo, Barreda, Walkner, Howes and Benavides at the 204 km WP5

10h00 Cars: with most quick cars through, Al Rajhi leads Baragwanath, Nasser, Peter, Roma and Giniel at WP1

09h30 Cars: Peterhansel is first car through WP1 as Dakar heads into the mountains, but Nasser goes 14 seconds quicker through that control, with Giniel a minute off Attiyah’s pace.

09h20 Bikes: It’s been a busy leaderboard this morning with three different Honda riders ahead at each of the WPs so far. Now it’s Brabec leading Florimo and Barreda, with Walkner, Sunderland, Benavides and van Beveren in pursuit

08h20 Bikes: A shake-up already as Florimo moves ahead of Barreda, Brabec, Walkner Sunderland, van Bevern and Benavides, who has lost almost 5 minutes at WP2 – that’s significant in an overall race sense….

08h00 Bikes: It’s been a tough Dakar for Yamaha once again, with Adrien Van Beveren now the sole remaining factory rider left in the race. And he’s in the wars too – the Frenchman finished yesterday’s stage fifth, his best result yet, but was slapped with a 15-minute penalty. Goes to show that Dakar is not just about the quickest rider and the fastest bike – there’s far more to it than just that. It quite literally took Honda years to crack KTM’s stranglehold with a litany of crashes, failures, errors and catastrophes and now look. Yamaha needs to take a leaf from that Honda book – go back to the drawing board, rethink its tactics and come back better than ever to reclaim that erstwhile Dakar winning glory with its new form guy Ross Branch…

07h55 Bikes: Kevin Benavides leads a Honda 1-2-3-4 over Ricky Brabec, Joan Barreda Bort and overall leader Juan Ignacio Cornejo Florimo at the 45 km WP1. KTM duo Matthias Walkner and Sam Sunderland and Yamaha man Adrien van Beveran were next through.

07h50 Bikes: While compatriot Ross Branch heartbreakingly went out with a broken engine yesterday, the other Motswana, Kalahari Madala James Alexander is once again on the start list and due to set off 72nd and last at 08h24 this morning

07h15 Bikes: Good morning race fans. The firs machines are away – we’re off…

05h30 All: Today’s action gets going with the bike start at 07h00, before the cars set off 08h55 sharp. Be sure to come back regularly to keep pace with the action as it happens!

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