820kW 320 km/h 2-second 0-100 Tesla set to rewrite sedan history for once and for all

Tesla has revealed its first Model S facelift in five years as it introduces its mad new 1100 horsepower plaid drive, a jet steering wheel and a redesigned cabin.

Not much is clear straight up as visual changes hardly play a role — the front apron has been revised, the rear fenders seem to be a bit more powerful and there are new wheels too, but for the rest, it’s all Model S

eleven hundred ponies under the bonnet

Much more important is what goes on under the hood. The basic all-wheel drive version will be available as Model S Dual Motor maximum 663 kilometer range from September 2021. Top speed is 250 km/h and it jumps to 100 n 3.2 seconds.

From the end of 2021, two triple-motor plaid versions will become available. The 1020 hp (that’s 745 kW, by the way!) Model S Plaid has a 628 km range, will top 320 km/h smash 100 km/h and 2.1-second s. Not enough? Well never fear with old Elon around — the 1100 hp (820 kW) Plaid + will get to 100 in under 2.1 seconds, top 320 and offer a 840 km range to top it off!

WIll it ever come to South Africa?

Now all we need to know is when former Bryanston High and Pretoria Boys lad Musk will finally launch hos cars where he grew up…?

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