Corvette Hybrid

Hybrid Corvette Expected Next Year, Electric Version Will Follow

Chevrolet has confirmed the launch of a hybrid Corvette ‘as soon as 2023′. An electric version is also on the way. Following months of speculation, a tweet showing a camouflaged Corvette prototype undergoing cold-weather testing, confirmed that an ‘electrified Corvette’ — likely to be a hybrid — will be available ‘as early as next year”’

Corvette Hybrid Is Coming in 2023

In a separate dispatch, GM CEO Mark Reuss tweeted; “Some time ago we moved the Corvette team into the EV space in Warren, Michigan, and when we revealed the new mid-engine Corvette. “I said there would be ‘more to come’. “This morning I sat down with Phil LeBeau of CNBC and finally answered the question I’ve been asked countless times.

“Yes, in addition to the amazing new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and other gas-powered variants coming, we will offer an electrified and a fully electric, Ultium-based Corvette in the future. “In fact, we will offer an electrified Corvette as early as next year. “Details and names to come at a later date.” Chevrolet did however trademark the Corvette E-Ray name way back in 2015. That is likely to be used for the electric version.

Reuss went on to confirm in a separate tweet that, “In addition, we also announced today Ultium Platform’s energy patented onboard energy recovery system. ”It takes the heat generated by EV batteries and uses it to warm the cabin, charge more efficiently, and even increase acceleration. “And it can even boost the vehicle’s range by about 10%. “Ultium is a perfect example of how developing a ground-up EV platforms enables unique features not easy with a retrofit.”

Video Reveals Corvette HYBRID AWD

The teaser reveals the front wheels moving before the rear, confirming an all-wheel-drive set-up. The video also revealed a V8 engine noise, suggesting that it depicts the hybrid version.

Although no details were confirmed, it is likely that the hybrid all-wheel drive C8 will be powered by the existing mid-mounted 6.2-litre LT2 V8. That will be coupled to a hybrid electric motor-generator engineered into its transmission casing. To boost output to around 480 kW for mid-2 second 0-100 acceleration. This will be boosted by an electric front axle. It will feature either a central e-motor driving both wheels, or a pair of hub-mount electric motors. A quick-charging battery will sit under the frunk.

An all-electric Ultium-based 2026 C9 Corvette E-Ray would bring a significant technical step under the skin. I will work a full, lightweight next-generation battery pack low into its modular powertrain chassis. That will power a stronger front-drive setup than the hybrid, with a powerful, lightweight mid-mounted electric motor driving the rear axle. Both drives will work together to put down enough thrust to make it the quickest Corvette yet.

Will Electric Corvette Look Different?

The electric Corvette will likely stand apart from its hybrid and gasoline siblings. It will need less cooling air and owners would want to boast that it’s electric. A broader electrified range will not just meet future emissions regulations. It ought to also spoil Corvette owners with a more diverse future choice of gasoline, hybrid and battery propulsion choices. And that’s a mouthwatering prospect.

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