New Ford V8

High ranking official spills the beans on a shock new 6.8-litre ford v8 in the works

Ford is developing an all-new 6.8-litre gasoline engine to be used in the Mustang and F-150 truck from 2022. The story moved from speculatory to newsworthy when Canadian Unifor union boss Jerry Dias spilled the beans in a news conference last week.

“NEW FORD V8 will be used in Mustang, F-150″

“We will start producing a new 6.8-litre engine in 2022 for the Ford F150 and Mustang,” Dias announced before confirming his good trade union news. “This will create 300 jobs and secures Ford’s two Oakdale plants in Windsor.” Dias later answered a specific poser as to which cars the new engine would power: “It will be used in the Ford Mustang and the Ford F-150,” he confirmed.

Dias since reiterated the news in an interview with local newspaper the Windsor Star. He has however left no clue on the plausible specification of the new machine.

This revelation has been heralded as the biggest Ford V8 news since the modular 4.6-liter arrived to replace the 302 V8 back in ’92. It’s also led to widespread speculation as to the plausible layout of the new 6.8-litre (415 CID) engine.

Most agree that it will be a V8. They also concede that it will sit somewhere between the current Mustang’s overhead camshaft 5-litre Coyote V8 and the 7.3-litre Ford Godzilla OHV V8. That one is found in the F-250 super-duty, which is already built at Ford’s Windsor plant.

Some say the new 415 will be a smaller-capacity all-aluminum version of that 7.3-liter V8 that weigh around 350kg. That would work in the F-150. Others however point out that Ford cannot afford to step back to an OHV set-up in the Mustang. Particularly in the face of high-tech European GT opposition.

A Jaguar clue, too?

On that European note, Jaguar Land Rover recently announced that it will take its AJ V8 production in-house. That as Ford closes its Bridgend, UK plant, which currently builds that engine. The supercharged 5-litre AJ V8 is closely related to the Coyote. That may have little leaning on the Ford position in the US. But it could suggest that the new 415 is actually destined to replace the Coyote?

Allowed to dream a little,there’y no reason why this new 6.8-litre engine should not be an all-new high-tech V8. One that’s not only ready to take supercharging, but electrification too, in line with Ford’s very clear green intent.

In that event, a lightweight and excellent thermal efficient V8 would be prerequisite. And the only way to assure that, would be to go high tech.

Let’s just say that betting is open on the ultimate spec of Ford’s all-new Ford Windsor 415 V8. Have you place yours yet…?

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