AMG Marks Time With GT3 Edition 55 Birthday Special

Mercedes has launched a special model of its GT3 racer to celebrate AMG’s 55th birthday. Only five Edition 55 celebratory racers will be built and sold for the princely sum of R10-million. But wait! AMG has thrown an IWC luxury watch and a custom car cover in as part of the deal.


Edition 55 is a Racer for the Road

GT3 cars are usually supposed race. This latest AMG motorsport project will however likely appeal to collectors who’d rather safely will park them in the garage and wait for their asset to appreciate in worth. Edition 55 isn’t just your regular GT3 racer either. Its optimized 6.3-liter AMG biturbo V8 has been massaged to deliver a whopping 480 kW. That’s around 75 kW horses more than a proper FIA race version.

Which means that Edition 55 is not FIA homologated, but AMG will make a plan to do so, if you ask them very nicely. The car comes shod with slick racing tires and gets a special Inconel steel performance exhaust system. It does without a muffler. The din should be thunderous!

Edition 55 comes in any colour so long as that’s special matt carbon alpine grey. With red accents on the bodywork and selected aerodynamic components. The doors and rear wing get AMG’s Affalterbach hometown coat of arms, with 55th anniversary logos adorning the wing end plates like race numbers.


A True Competition Cockpit Too

A most exclusive bare carbon rich anthracite metallic finished cockpit features a fully programable racing dash and Bosch data display. Add silver accented harnesses for the carbon shell bucket seats, all the expected racecar safety kit There’s an IWC clock emblazoned with the AMG GT3 Edition’s one of five chassis numbers, which also appears on the exclusive centre console plaque.

Also included is that Mercedes timepiece partner IWC Pilot Watch Chronograph Edition AMG. It once again has your Edition 55’s individual chassis number is engraved on the back of its titanium case.

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