Get Used to the Name. And a Lamborghini hybrid V12

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It may be a bit late to the game, but Lamborghini has finally joined the Hybrid Supercar Club. This all new Revuelto will replace the Aventador as the poster car on pubescent boys’ bedroom walls, that will hopefully wone day realise that ultimate dream of driving one, one day.

The 750 kW 6.5-litre V12 and tri-motor Revuelto plug-in hybrid supercar just happens to be the most powerful production Lamborghini in history. Capable of 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds 125 km/h in under seven seconds, it boasts a top speed of beyond 350 km/h.


595 kW Revuelto’ V12 Has Spun 180 degrees

Lamborghini has spun the 17 kg lighter 595 kW 9,250 rpm V12 180 degrees to achieve electrification. Aided and abetted by a trio of 105 kW electric motors. One integrated into the all-new eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox now mounted behind the engine. The other two motors each power a front wheel.

A meek 3.8 kWh battery allows for around 10 km Electric-only range. It reverses on electric power too. The charging port sits inconveniently inside the front luggage compartment. But the V12 will directly recharge the battery pack via the rear motor-generator in just six minutes.


Electric Output Limited to 135 kW

Revuelto produces a maximum 135 electric kilowatts. It is distributed between the three motors. and vectored between, and across the axles. The battery weights 70 kg and the electric motors only add an extra 80 kg. Lamborghini promises 30% improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions versus the Aventador.

The Revuelto will be heavier than the Aventador, despite weight savings throughout the structure. Its carbon fibre tub is lighter and 40% stiffer and boasts a world first composite front crash structure. Lamborghini has not revealed a kerb weight, but Revuelto’s power-to-weight ratio of 413 kW per tonne suggest a lardy 1,776 kg.


New Damper Tech Allows Conventional Suspension

Improved damper technology sees conventional double wishbone and upright spring suspension replace Aventador’s pushrod underpinnings. Revuelto has rear-axle steering and active aerodynamics to match Aventador SVJ downforce with its adjustable wing in its lowest-drag configuration.

Revuelto’s edgy design harks all the way back to the Countach that old men once had on their teenage bedroom walls Offset by contemporary compact LED headlights and front grille integrated radar sensors. Typical giant Lambo air intakes sit behind the front-hinged doors, the engine is visible under the hood and ahead of the deployable rear wing.


Revuelto Has a Spacious High-Tech Cabin

A more spacious and far more high-tech cabin brings a reconfigurable 9.1-inch passenger-side display screen to supplement digital instrumentation and an and an upright 8.4 inch central touchscreen. Steering mounted controls support a dynamic powertrain selector. More goodie space and pop-out cupholders.

The Revuelto is sold out for the next two years. Despite Lamborghini not yet confirming prices. Revuelto’s hybrid all-wheel drive will form the basis of the Huracán’s biturbo V8 replacement.

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