Vision AMG

Vision AMG Previews a Standalone Electric Performance Saloon

Mercedes-AMG is limbering up to deliver its electric performance future, if today’s reveal of its future electric power saloon to rival Porsche’s Taycan is anything to go by. The concept said to predict a 2025 production car will be the first AMG model ride on Merc’s dedicated AMG.EA electric platform.

Vision AMG Takes a Fresh Styling Approach

Built around a compact battery for a lower and more sporting shape than Benz’s existing EVA electric platform allows in the taller Mercedes EQS and EQE saloons. The new solution will now allow for a new range of sleeker, lower Mercedes EVs. This first electric AMG is just the start.

“Our new design and proportions platform takes full advantage this new platform,” Mercedes-Benz exterior design boss Robert Lešnik points out. “Vision AMG shows what we are planning in a low and sleek saloon with outstanding aerodynamics and the space to accommodate four adults in comfort. “The AMG EA platform gives us freedom of design. “With no need to fit an internal combustion engine in front, we made the bonnet low with larger fenders too.”

Sleek & Low All-New Platform

Vision AMG’s new EA platform ditches regular the EVA structure’s completely flat floor and is designed to accommodate footwells in the rear and battery elements beneath and around the rear seat. “This allows for greater space and comfort in the rear,” Lešnik concludes. “We have created a very low car but with the long wheelbase, it will also be a proper four-seater.”

Vision AMG borrows much from Benz’ sleek Vision EQXX saloon concept that recently drove 1000 km from Stuttgart to Nice on a single charge as part of its ongoing development. The newcomer gets a low nose around a faux 10 lit bar signature AMG Panamericana grille, a curved roofline and an integrated spoiler. Add a paint job saluting Mercedes-AMG’s 2022 F1 race car. And at the back, six red taillights sit where you’d normally expect a regular AMG’s quad exhaust tips. Cool!

As Long as an AMG GT 4Matic 4-door.

Riding on a 3 metre wheelbase, the 5.1 m Vision AMG EV is longer than an AMG GT 4Matic 4-door. AMG promises that the production car will get four frameless doors. As well as a large liftback tailgate similar to the upcoming second-generation GT coupé. Active aerodynamics will come into play via a rear spoiler that deploys to increase downforce at speed, among other advances. As it also is on the Vision EQXX.

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