Mercedes Electric
  • Electric for Every Model by 2025, Battery Only from 2030

Mercedes-Benz will introduce three new electric platforms from 2025 as it ramps up plans to be electric only in Europe by 2031. That’s five years before Europe’s expected 2035 combustion vehicle ban.

Only Electric Mercedes in Europe by 2031

Mercedes’ ‘Strategy Update: Electric Drive’ will see over $40 billion invested in developing and building battery electric vehicles through to 2030. It starts with a battery EQ model being available in every vehicle segment from this year as part of its ‘Electric First’ program. Mercedes will then accelerate its transformation to ‘Electric Only’ by 2031.

Mercedes will soon launch three all-new, purely electric MB.EA, AMG EA and VAN.EA platforms. This will allow customers to opt for a fully electric variant of any Mercedes model. Future medium and large passenger cars will be built on the scalable MB.EA platform. That forms the basis of the future battery electric range, kicking off with the electric versions of the current C-Class and GLC.

The high performance AMG.EA electric platform will go into production from late 2025 and the VAN.EA platform will underpin future Mercedes vans and light commercial vehicles. A fourth new MMA Modular Architecture will cater for broad range of sub-C-Class Mercedes vehicles. MMA will however accommodate both electric and combustion drive. Combustion cars will remain crucial in markets not advanced enough to support full electrification beyond 2030, so Mercedes will not cull combustion engines.

Mercedes Electric Partnerships & Developments

Mercedes is also entering into several new technological partnerships and developments as it embarks on its Electric program. Stuttgart has for instance acquired specialist British electric motor manufacturer Yasa. Best known for its small, smooth-running low heat generating and high torque output axial flux motors, Mercedes intends to use Yasa technology (above) in its future electric AMG models.

Mercedes and its partners are in the process of realizing more than 200 GWh of battery capacity through eight worldwide Gigafactories. It will also standardize solid-state batteries will be across more than 90 percent of all Mercedes battery cars and vans. To this end, battery material specialist Sila-Nano is developing higher energy density next generation batteries. They will enable longer Mercedes driving range and shorter charging times.

The company is focused on further developing its electric drivetrain technology. This project encompasses the coordination of all aspects of an electric car motor, its transmission components, and power electronics. A new 800-volt technology eATS 2.0 power unit is an integral aspect of the company’s overall EA planning. It will play a decisive role in the economic efficiency of Mercedes’ electric transformation, commencing with the MB.EA platform from 2025.

An Electric Variant of EVERY Benz from 2025

Stuttgart-based battery production and automation systems manufacturer Grob will assemble Mercedes battery modules and packs. Grob is also building a battery recycling facility planned to go on line in 2023.

All of which means that you will be able to buy an all-electric EQ variant of any Benz from 2025. That will see the company meet the EU’s plans for electric-only car sales five years early in 2031.

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