Prototype EQXX Drives 1202 km to Silverstone on a Single Charge

Mercedes EQ has pulverised its already astounding battery electric vehicle driving range distance record with its sleek EQXX prototype. The advanced Vision EQCC, in essence a testbed for future Mercedes EQ battery electric car technology, had previously set a record run of just over 1,000 km from Stuttgart to the Côte d’Azur without recharging in April. Now Vision EQXX has gone significantly further on a single charge, on a trip from Stuttgart to Silverstone in England.

EQXX Broke is Own Record by 196 km

It averaged a most reasonable 51 mph over 1202 km in 14 hours and 30 minutes driving time. The streamlined electric Vision EQXX travelled from Stuttgart-Untertürkheim to the Silverstone Grand Prix track without the battery having to be recharged. Vision EQCC thus achieved signficantly grater 8.3 kWh per 100 km energy-efficiency. That added another 196 kilometres to its already impressive Cot d’Azure record

The journey was done in regular everyday traffic and it was not an ideal run by any stretch of the imagination. Shortly after setting off, the crew had to take a detour through Pforzheim due to a motorway closure. They later enjoyed a short breather on the Eurotunnel train before stopping off at Mercedes motorsport headquarters in Brackley. There, they picked up Formula E world champion Nyck de Vries, who later completed he journey by running the battery down in controlled conditions on track at Silverstone.

State of the Art Electric Prototype

The state of the art Mercedes-EQ Vision EQXX prototype uses a 50% smaller, 30% lighter next-generation 100-kWh silicon carbide anode battery for a dense power core. It powers a 201-horsepower rear-mounted electric motor, while ultra-thin solar roof panels provide 20 miles of extra range. Vision EQXX also has a record braking 0.17 cD aerodynamic drag coefficient and rides on ultra-low rolling resistance tires.

Dutch Mercedes race driver de Vries topped EQXX’s 140 km/h maximum speed as he squeezed the last kilowatt hours out. He rolled into pit lane with that battery finally flat, 1202 km later. Recharged, Vision EQXX then travelled on to Goodwood, where it is was displayed at the Festival of Speed. With the Vision EQXX tam already contemplating, ‘where to next?’