So what next for Red Bull?

FORMULA 1: How big an issue really is Honda’s exit for F1?

Speculation is rife on Red Bull and F1’s future on Honda’s Friday 2021 exit bombshell. But will the Japanese firm’s latest and fourth F1 departure really have that much of an effect on the team? Or the sport?

Well, both Red Bull and Alpha Tauri have committed beyond Honda, but what are their power options?

Not as bad as popular consensus may propose, it seems. Renault has already admitted that it’s ready to kiss and make up for starters.

A good history with Ferrari

Never mind you need to remember that Red Bull was Ferrari powered in the beginning. And Toro Rosso was a longtime client of Maranello too. So there is good history with Ferrari, actually.

And considering Mercedes’ longterm F1 future may well not be as a works team (tell me why Lewis still has not signed?) and rather an engine supplier, then that door is likely open too.

So, methinks F1 will just shake off Honda’s latest exit, as it has all the others and push on along. Remember also what Honda’s last exit spawned?

It was called Brawn, stole the next year’s titles from the establishment and morphed into Mercedes the next year. Not bad, hey?

The only question mark that will remain once its power problem is sorted, is who will Red Bull race against in 2022?

One thing is for sure. F1 will look very different with good old Ferrari taking on Aston Martin, Alpine, Red Bull-This Alpha Tauri-That, Merc-powered McLarens and whatever Williams will be called.

The other Merc team may well be known as Penske by then. And who knows what will become of Haas and Alfa Romeo?

Suppose only time will tell…

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