The FIA has confirmed a driverless future for Formula 1

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First it was grid girls, then Formula 1 banned refuelling. Only this week, the FIA warned teams against celebrating their drivers winning on pit wall. Now the FIA has confirmed that and Formula 1 will move to a driverless future from the start of the 2035 season.

“Formula 1 will fully embrace the future when it switches to a driverless series from 2035,” Federation International d’ Automobile Future Technology Envoy Primo di Aprile confirmed. The shock revelation came as part of a FIA Future Technology Briefing at the Australian Grand Prix on Saturday. “The future of motoring is autonomous and Formula 1 will lead the way in in unravelling how driverless motoring will impact our lives going forward.

“Formula 1 is famous for its contributions to future motoring solutions,” di Aprile added. “Hybrid drive, car reliability and in the near future, clean fuels were all pioneered in Formula 1. The FIA will pursue these technological advances towards an autonomous driving future. We will crown the final Formula 1 World Drivers Champion in 2034. F1 will become a Manufacturer’s-only championship in 2035.”

Driverless F1 for 2035

No Driver No Danger Formula 1 2035

FIA Formula 1 race director Niels Wittich underpinned the decision to remove drivers from Formula 1 on safety grounds, suggesting that No Driver, No Danger 2035 reiterates Formula 1’s commitment to strive to continue in its quest for ultimate safety. Removing the driver from the equation will fundamentally improve safety across the board as part of Formula 1’s future mantra of ultimate safety and sterility at the top level of motor sport.

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali reiterated the FIA’s move. He confirmed that his master plan to eliminate Formula 1 practice is only the start. The Formula 1 boss has said that practice will be removed from the Grand Prix weekend program in the short term. Followed by the elimination of qualifying as part of the new 2026 rules package. A driver ban will follow for the 2035 World Championship. He suggested that these are exciting times for Formula 1.

The Grand Prix Driver’s Association immediately condemned the move to ban drivers from Formula 1. The body issued a short statement questioning the FIA’s unilateral decision to do away with drivers in Formula 1. The drivers have convened an emergency meeting midday Saturday. Rumours abound of a driver’s strike against the proposed change, amid speculation around the cancellation of Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix.

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