Double the price, this G500s tracks make it unstoppable

So, there’s this Swiss guy who has a chalet 3,000 metres up in the Alps, who felt the need to get up there in unique style, whatever the weather, the conditions or how deep the snow is. Enter Delta 4×4 and voila, now our friend has tank tracks fitted to his Mercedes-Benz G 500.


Delta Figured Cat Tracks Were the Answer

Delta figured that Cat tracks were the answer to his dreams. The Bens was cut, slashed, lifted and tweaked in the Delta 4×4 shop. They endowed the G-Class with 20 cm suspension travel and extended the fenders to cater for the broader track.

The custom Mattracks are removable. So, the G can don conventional wheels during the summer months when such extreme 4×4 ability isn’t necessary, even way up in the Alps. But it never came cheap…

Parts and labour to fit the tracks came to j over R850,000. Homologating the bits to be Swiss legit doubled that bill. Add another R350 grand for that trick suspension. And twenty more for the trick front bumper, bush bar, the roof rack, summer wheels, and the rest.


Double the Price of a G500. But its Unstoppable

That’s R2.5 million. And don’t forget to add your new G 500 to that. They’re around R2.2 mil a pop over in Germany. But then it is unique. And pretty well unstoppable.

Delta 4×4 specializes in extreme conversions on everything from the G-Class, down to the Suzuki Jimny and up to a Rolls-Royce Cullinan overlander. With raised suspension and a rooftop tent.

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