REVEALED: VW Golf GTI Clubsport gets 220kW, chassis tweaks

While South Africa still makes do with the old Golf 7.2, overseas markets are already selling the next generation GTI Clubsport. Clearly not satisfied with the 190kW stock version, Europeans can from today opt for this new 220kW range-topper. It gets retuned engine management, a larger intercooler and a new Continental turbocharger to replace the standard GTI’s Garrett blower. 

Torque is also up to 27 to 415 Nm when running on 98 RON fuel, rather than the 95 RON in the standard GTI. Clubsport remains front wheel driven with a seven-speed dual-clutch autobox only., albeit with shorter gear ratios. 

Locking diff, Nürburgring mode

Big news is a new VAQ electromechanical multi-mode locking differential and a suspension re-tweak. Add bigger 18in perforated disc brakes with two-piston callipers and fine-tuned ABS. And a special Nürburgring driving mode.

VW claims a 5.9-second 0-100 acceleration versus the stock GTI’s 6.2 seconds. Ad an equal 250 km/h VMax. Optional inch-up 19″ wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres saw Clubsport lap the Nordschleife 13 seconds quicker than the standard GTI.

VW promises ‘even more cornering grip, further increased driving stability and even more driving fun without significantly compromising the everyday usability of the standard Golf GTI.”

The newcomer replaces the existing SA market GTI TCR. It was superseded at the beginning of 2020 in overseas markets. Like many other cars, Golf 8, the new GTI and this Clubsport are being delayed in long lead time markets.

Carmakers are concentrating on deliveries in more lucrative and simpler to supply countries as they fight back to profitability post-lockdown.

All of which makes it plausible that VWSA could launch Clubsport alongside Golf 8 and GTI. When they eventually get here…

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