Is Shelby about to relaunch stillborn ‘64 Le Mans Daytona Cammer?

Ever heard of the Cammer? Actually still a myth after it never quite reached fruition, Carroll Shelby planned to race a big-block V8 Daytona Cobra in the 1964 Le Mans 24 Hour.

Will Cammer be a 657 HP 200 mph Dream Revived?

The prospect of a wildly powerful 7.2-liter big block V8 pushing excellent coupe aerodynamics through the wind at great speed was indeed mouthwatering. Sadly however, the Shelby team ran out of time to properly develop the project and it was it was decided to can the Cammer before it even got off the ground. But that may just be about to change…

Considered as Ford’s answer to Chrysler’s powerful 426 Hemi, depending on its level of modification, the big block 427 cubic inch Cammer V8 was said to churn out up to 657 HP. To accommodate the lump, Shelby went as far as to extended the wheelbase on one of its six racing Daytona coupés as thy tried to shoehorn the monster mill in. Weighing in at just under 2,200 lbs NASCAR-destined V8 propelled the Daytona Coupe beyond 200 mph in testing.

Shelby to Tease Cammer in 60th Birthday Bash

Alas, there was not enough time to complete development of the 427 race car. So Shelby went back to its proven 289 cube small block configuration for the entire fleet of ’64 Le Mans Daytona Coupe’s. The Cammer project remained stillborn. But wait! Shelby just pulled the veil off a brand big-block Cammer Daytona Coupé tribute concept at the Carlisle Ford Nationals. It’s all part of its 60th anniversary celebrations.

Cammer will be trotted out at trade shows and shows around the US. Depending on that customer interest, Shelby may just launch a limited production run of the recreation concept. The remake will ride on the same three-inch longer chassis. Powered by a genuine 650 hp Shelby 427 big block V8 turning a period correct four-speed manual gearbox.

Don’t Expect it to be Cheap!

Each Cammer will be entered into the Shelby register, but dont expect it to come cheap, eiher. Should that short run indeed transpire, prospective customers should expect to pay a petty penny for a Cammer Coupé . Prices are said to challenge contemporary hypercars. As it should as Shelby realises one of Carroll’s long held drams almost sixty years later.

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