QUICK NEWS – Vettel already has an Aston!

Well, that never took too long! The ink on Sebastian Vettel’s Aston Martin F1 contract was hardly dry before he was handed the keys to his new company car…

And it’s good enough to hold its own against his outgoing Ferrari too. Seb’s rare Aston Martin Vantage AMR (that’s short for Aston Martin Racing, by the way), awaits the four-time world champion. The 390kW 625Nm 4 litre biturbo V8 nicked from AMG quite uniquely turns a seven-speed manual gearbox

Good for 100 km/h in 4 seconds 315 km/h. Its registration’s 5 denotes for Vettel’s start number to help read like reads like SEB. AM of course stands for Aston Martin and F1 for Formula 1.

LE MAns Tribute

Only 200 AMR-Vantage is limited to 200 copies. 141 are blue, black, white or gray, with the remaining 59 being 60th anniversary 1959 Le Mans victory tribute cars. That comes in Stirling Green and Lime and the interior in Dark Knight leather and alcantara with lime stripes and embroidery.

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