OPINION — tell us which you prefer — the hatchet jobs? Or the real BMW M3 and M4?

It seems that Photoshop’s shares have shot up since the launch of the BMW M3 and M4. It’s now all the craze to bastardise BMW’s press images of the new twins. Whether the results are an improvement or a failure, remains to be seen.

Of course it’s all a matter of opinion, and Prior design on the Rhine in Germany has been so kind as to offer four versions of their take on how the newcomers noses should look. So go ahead — paddle through the gallery and let us know which you like best. And worst. And if you reckon it’s really a step forward or not.

The red images seem simply cuts and pastes of the the new X2 and X6 M noses, so that/s hardly something new. Many will however prefer those, for sure. But the green car? Well we’re not so sure. It’s just as dog ugly as the real thing and nothing special at all.

But what do you say? Vote here. Come on, be a devil!

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