M3 & M4 UPDATE: public images add a new angle as SA and the US wait in line

BMW’s recent reveal of its all-new M3 and M4 super sedan and super coupé may have met with huge criticism on their shared new-look nose. First images were greeted with shock and horror as chat rooms around the world lit up, with BMW fans and critics alike expressing shock and horror.


New public images from more conventional angles (like these from Bimmerpost) are now emerging as the newcomers begin their launch cycles overseas. They revealing a softer side, with many critics already reserving judgement. That added to better than expected in-the-skin reactions seem to be turning opinion. That has led some observers to conclude that BMW has deliberately cultivated a controversial reaction.

Only 375 kW Competition versions of the new four-model range will come to South Africa. Other markets will also get the 353kW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupé. The range will later grow to include the first ever M3 Touring estate. As well as the M4 Cabriolet and the M4 Gran Coupé four-door. Even more powerful track-focused CS derivatives will follow later.

Either way, there is another curious aspect to these images of right-hand drive cars. Some are now asking why the new models will only arrive in SA in the first half of 2021. Well, the answer to that one is also simple enough. it’s all because of Covid 19 and the lockdown. What else did you expect?


See all the carmakers are in a race go get cars into the hands of retail customers before the end of the year. Now because of Covid 19, cars are being prioritised off production for more lucrative markets that can quickest sell them this year, in greatest numbers. Like Russia and the UAE. So markets like South Africa and even the US, which sit at the end of long logistics lines, must deal with some stock shortages until next year.

Interestingly some of the loudest voices condemning those new looks, are the same as those complaining of delays. Roll on ‘early 2021!’

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