It could not come a day sooner, but Nissan’s zero star NP300 kanniedood is about to die

Nissan’s Africa-only NP300 Hardbody is world famous for its deathtrap zero-star African NCAP score. But still it’s on sale.

Now it seems the pressures of the real world along with a new dispensation for Nissan’s Rosslyn, Pretoria plant, will finally see the infamous model to its end later this year. The bakkie will go out of production to make space at Rosslyn as the company ramps up to begin producing the face-lifted Navara for world consumption.


The Navara is expected to be be sold in SA in single-cab derivatives too, while double-cabs will come in a broader range to make the formerly imported double-cab only range appeal to a broader base. So it’s goodbye Hardbody. But the end of the line for the NP300 and the arrival of he revised Navara line off a R3-billion investment in the Pretoria factory, have already both been delayed by hold-ups around lockdown.

Despite the NP300’s dismal 2018 crash test failure, Nissan initially ignored criticism and continued to build and sell it. That despite the bakkie certifiably branded a death trap.

The shift to Rosslyn as an international Navara production hub, has however enabled the company to dump the older pickup that had clearly well exceeded is sell-by date. So, while the NP300 still remains available in a nine-model range topped by the R544K 2.4 double-cab 4×4 flagship, it won’t be for long.

The changes around it will not affect the Nissan NP200 half-tonnner , which will initially continue to be built alongside the new Navara at Rosslyn.

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