BMW celebrates fifty years of M with its first-ever electrified XM

BMW is celebrating 50 years of M with its most powerful, most expensive, biggest-ever, and first-ever electrified M-car. Meet the production version of the monster BMW XM previewed as a concept late last year. XM is also the second all-M car after the original 1978 M1 supercar.


2023 XM Red Label will have 735 HP

Set to be topped by a 550 kW Red Label version in 2023, the top XM will produce over 100 HP more than the most powerful BMW M5 CS. Even the standard 485 kW 800 Nm plug-in hybrid, and extensively updated 4.4-litre biturbo V8 XM will edge the M5 CS.

Unlike Mercedes-AMG, which places its electric hybrid helper motors on the back axle, BMW tucks XM’s 145 kW 280 Nm motor-generator into its eight-speed automatic gearbox. Together, the XM’s dual power unit aspects propel the beast to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds. And on to an optionally derestricted 270 km/h top end.


XM Delivers 188.3 mpg on the WLTP Cycle

The real clincher is the launch-spec XM’s 188.3 WLTP cycle mpg consumption. That’s attributable to its 55 mile EV-only operating range thanks to a floor-mounted 25.7kWh battery.

All that grunt is dispatched to both axles and split between them by an electronic multi-plate clutch, depending on demand. A torque splitting rear differential balances output between its wheels to counter understeer without braking. A 48V anti-roll function enhances cornering precision and rear-biased 4WD Sport delivers typical BMW M dynamics.


Showroom Car Will be 90% of the XM Concept

Carrying 90% of the ‘extroverted luxury’ XM concept over, the final car arrives in dealerships next spring. “The XM has a rock star image,” M division CEO Frank van Meel explained. “The car is more like the front of stage. But at the same time in the second seating row you have this cosy seating bench. “Which is more like a backstage area.”

XM’s rear M Lounge focuses on opulent comfort like never before it. It has luxurious quilted leather, a dedicated wide infotainment and all the possible bells and whistles. The front cockpit brings a more driver focussed appeal with M-specific display wrap-around infotainment. Add M steering buttons, carbon shifters, M-pedals and much more


Neither a Race or Super-Sports Car, it’s Simply a SUV

“The new BMW XM is a very big car,” van Meel pointed out. “But it’s really easy to drive very precisely. “Of course, it helps if you have a big battery on the floor because your centre of gravity goes down. “Which gives you more possibilities on the suspension. “But at the same time you have comfort because the car is not rolling so much.

“Is it a race car? “Of course not, nor is it a super-sports car. Because SUVs are the biggest segment right now. XM gives us a rival to very bold, extroverted vehicles like G-Class, the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX. “Now there’s an M too.”

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