Mad Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E Performance is a game changer

Petrol heads were astounded and bewildered by the news that Mercedes-AMG’s next C 63 would be a 2-litre four-cylinder hybrid. They may well be even more astonished by today’s news that the all-new 500 kW 1020 Nm C 63 S E Performance will accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and push rapidly on to an electronically governed 280 km/h.

Quite astoundingly, all this comes with 6.9 l/100 km fuel consumption and 156 g/km CO2 emissions. AMG calls its new charge ‘a real game-changer,’ claiming that those astounding output figures will set a new performance saloon benchmark.

C 63 S E

C 63 S E Benefits Formula 1 Tech Transfer

AMG calls it a performance hybrid with state-of-the-art motorsport technology transfer from Formula 1. As exclusively predicted on Auto, the C 63 E Performance combines its 350 kW engine, the most powerful 2-litre four-cylinder in the world, with a 150KW electric motor on the rear axle. The engine turns fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive with active rear axle steering. The rear axle electric motor has its own two speed gearbox.

“The new C 63 S E Performance opens a new chapter in AMG’s history,” chairman Philipp Schiemer, explains. “Even now, 55 years later, AMG continues to innovate and our new C 63 S E Performance in particular, is a real game-changer. “Its revolutionary concept brings a completely new pure performance approach to the segment incorporating a lot of Formula 1 know-how that will also appeal to a new group of customers.”

“The new AMG C 63 S E Performance is a technological masterpiece,” AMG technical boss Jochen Hermann adds. “It combines a performance hybrid drive with an electrically assisted exhaust turbocharger for a whole new driving experience. “The immediate response of electric drive at the rear axle, the rapid torque build-up as well as the fast power output and draw of our battery are very special features. Add standard-fit rear axle steering and the fully variable all-wheel drive for AMG’s highest levels of technical expertise.”


C 63 S E HAS World’s Most Powerful 4-POT

Bristling with new technology, the AMG C 63 S E Performance is a most exciting new driving prospect. It is powered by the world’s most powerful 350 Kw production 2-litre four-cylinder engine mounted longitudinally up front. Basting Formula 1-like electrically supported exhaust gas turbocharger, it eliminates combustion engine turbo lag and ensures spontaneous power delivery and torque build-up

The hybrid system features an AMG-developed electric powertrain and 400 volt battery. Designed for fast power output and draw, it features innovative direct cell cooling. The battery powers the 13,500 rpm electric motor automatically changes to its second gear at around 140 km/h,

Positioned in the rear axle, the motor also improves the car’s weight and axle load distribution to further promote convincing handling. Minimal engine and transmission mechanical and hydraulic losses furthermore ensure a highly efficient hybrid recuperation system. The C 63 S E also features segment unique active rear axle steering and comes with drift mode, another unique feature in this segment.

C 63 S E

Performance Hybrid Motor on Rear Axle

The rear motor converts its maximum torque directly into immediate propulsion for instantaneous launch, acceleration and overtaking. An electronically controlled limited-slip rear differential also ensures extreme agility when accelerating out of corners. For optimal traction and highest levels of inherent safety. And should rear axle slip occur, C 63 S E’s fully variable mechanical all-wheel drive will shift drive to the front axle and settle the car

C 63E Performance is set apart by all the expected AMG trimmings. There’s a narrow air outlet, two power domes and a new round badge with a black AMG logo. More muscular than the regular Mercedes-Benz C-Class the AMG is also 83 mm longer overall. The front end is 50 mm longer to accommodate its new under the bonnet tech.

Broader front wings accommodate a 76 mm wider front axle track width. Wheelbase also grows by 10 millimetres. Two active Air Panels behind the radiator grille and in the front apron allow cooling air to be regulated as required.

C 63 S E

C 63 S E HAS All the AMG Trimmings

All the regular AMG trimmings adorn the cabin with distinctively stitched and specially upholstered sports seats and a host of individual choices. The MBUX infotainment system includes various AMG and hybrid-specific displays and functions.

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