QUICK NEWS: Murray T50s — 525kW-plus megacar’s SA price can vary a few mil a week!

The pound sterling cost R22 on the nose as I wrote — or 70c less than on Monday. So if you paid Gordon Murray for one of his track-only T50s today instead of Monday, you’d save a cool R2.1-million before taxes and duties!

Either way, the exotic machine should set you back around 70 bar. But be quick — half the 25-car run is already accounted for! 

The 94kg lighter trackday version of Gordon’s ultimate fan car has its Aston Martin Valkyrie-derived Cosworth V12 tweaked to ‘beyond 525kW’, while a bespoke 6-speed ‘box gearbox gains paddle shifters and track ratios. It will ride on regular Michelin Cup Sport 2s. 

The s also gains a wide rear wing, dorsal aero fin, hungrier front splitter, an underbody aerofoil and adjustable diffusers to generate over 1500kg downforce. And it be christened with a historically significant name…

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