Is Dodge Planning a 675 kW E85 Fuelled Hellcat?

Some people won’t even find 535 kilowatts enough. Which is why Dodge appears intent on digging up long forgotten E85 fuel to urge even more power out if its top end Hellcat HEMI range. The point is that Americans are still beyond proud of their high-performance gas-powered cars. Dodge for one, has made it its mission to supply the population with as much horsepower as possible. Now it seems that E85 may be a way to gain power. All while still earning those green points.

635 kW Challenger Demon Hellcat Runs 100 Octane

Not that Hellcats running special fuel are anything new. The 3,300 off 635 kW supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 Challenger Demon is for instance approved to use of premium 100 octane fuel. But only once the owner buys a so-called Demon Crate and installs the Direct Connection Performance Parts engine control module. A center console switch then allows high octane mode to be engaged. It monitors that a 100-octane rating is on tap, or deactivates the performance mode.

Dodge has also released several 800+ hp Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, SRT Super Stock and SRT Jailbreak variants, but only the Demon has the 100-octane mode. But now Dodge has suggested another low-run high-performance Hellcat variant before the model change arrives 2024. Dodge insiders hint that the hot new Hellcat may even be rated to run on E85 fuel once considered the answer to all our sustainable needs.

E85 is an 85 percent ethanol fuel. Ethanol can be considered a sustainable if it is biologically produced. Or in other words, distilled from green waste like rotten like rotten corm. Bioethanol however lost its lustre considering the amount of agricultural land that is required to create the levels of biological waste needed for its effective manufacture. It even threatened the production of food.

Widebody Hellcat a Perfect 675 kW E85 Match

Now it seems that Dodge has rediscovered E85 as a sustainable fuel to power its top end Hellcat HEMI V8s. It is understood that an E85 Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody could muster as much as, or even more than 675 kW. No, there is no concrete proof that these levels of performance are even sustainable, or plausible. Nor is there any hint of a possible market launch. But as thy say, where there’s smoke…

Charger SRT and other top end Mopar models come with a 535 kW Hellcat option. As it is, the $69,645 535 kW 850 Nm 6.2-liter HEMI V8 Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody is a mean beast, just on regular pump fuel. It gains three inches in width for an even more aggressive stance and retains a 3.7 second zero to 100 sprint. Top end however drops from 325 to just 317 km/h thanks to that broader frontal area’s extra drag.

Braking distance from 60 mph is however slashed by almost four feet. Thanks to those fatter wheels and tires and a 32 percent stiffer front spring rate. Add Brembo six-pot brakes and 3-mode adaptive Bilstein damping. Scat Pack cockpit highlights include heated and cooled Laguna leather front seats, heated, an optionally flat-bottom multifunction leather steering wheel.

The E85 Go to Match that Widebody Show

Now all the Widebody Hellcat needs to match those looks is six hundred and seventy five kilowatts Which for all intents and purposes, could be coming in the form of a monster 675 kW biofueled E85 version. Now that would be some rally cool for that smoke!

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