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Ford Bronco Raptor Outs Several Sibling Next Ranger Raptor Secrets

We’ve been dabbling with speculation on the next Ford Ranger Raptor for a while here on Auto. Its pending arrival is a big news item and our readers love it too. But now the picture gas just become all that much clearer. Why? Well, because Ford last week pulled the shroud off its equally mouthwatering Bronco Raptor. But what’s the significance of that, you may ask? Well, it’s quite simple: the Bronco and the Raptor share a platform. And the both were developed together, and will share the bulk of their under the bonnet bits.

Bronco Raptor Outs Next Ranger Raptor Secrets

Prototype mules of the two have also often been seen out playing together. Sadly, as with the base Broncos, that Raptor is also not at this point destined for the South Africa. Or various other markets like Australia, where it would also sell like a bomb. The Yanks are keeping it for themselves for now. But as noted up top, it certainly does tell us a hell of a lot more about what to expect from the imminently to be launched next Ranger Raptor.

New Ranger Raptor will be built in Thailand. Unlike the present model, space in Ford’s Silverton, Pretoria plant is limited with the onset of next Amarok production alongside Ranger. So the new Raptor will no longer be locally produced. It be an import. And that, along with the revelation of Bronco Raptor innards, also basically confirms that the Ranger Raptor will come with a petrol burning 3-litre EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6. Expected to deliver about 300 kW and around 550 Nm twist.

There’s still a little speculation about that the more desert racer-oriented Ranger Raptor will eke out a few extra ponies than Bronco Raptor. Bronco’s more inclined towards rock crawling, the Ranger is a wannabe desert racer! Ford propaganda also tells us that Bronco Raptor will get ‘a true dual-exhaust system. Along with additional cooling and a specific tune to add power’. Ditto that for Ranger Raptor. all the mules in the spy shots all have dual pipes, too.

Bronco Raptor Has Extreme Underpinnings

Looking closer at Bronco Raptor, it turns Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission. An upgraded two-speed transfer case feeds torque to a new Dana 50 Heavy-Duty AdvanTEK live axle at the rear. And a Dana 44 AdvanTEK differential up front, nicked from Ford’s Ultra4-class Bronco race trucks. BFGoodrich 37×12.5-inch K02 rubber puts it down on the ground. Bronco Raptor gets beefy under armour. From the front bumper back to the transmission and transfer case to protect it all from those gnarly rocks.

Ford calls the new Bronco Raptor’s suspension GOAT. For Goes Over Any Terrain. It uses Live Valve tech Fox Racing HOSS internal bypass semi-active dampers. HOSS stands for High-performance Off-road Stability Suspension, but don’t you just love these Ford acronyms! Sensors at each corner monitor terrain conditions ‘hundreds of times a second’. Bronco Raptor’s chassis torsional rigidity is 50% up on stock and it gets beefed-up shock towers.

Uniquely tuned on each end, the essentially active dampers feature integrated reservoirs up front and remote at the rear. That, with Raptor-specific control arms, delivers extreme 60% greater 330 mm front and 40% increased 355 mm rear suspension travel. Track is 218 mm wider than a standard Bronco. The Raptor gets marine-grade Black Onyx vinyl trimmed bucket seats, carbonfibre cockpit trim and rubberised washout flooring. A High package adds a 12-inch touchscreen, Lux ups you to 10-speaker B&O audio and adaptive cruise control.

Are The Differences Just Jargon?

How much of the Bronco Raptor’s chassis info is simply different jargon remains to be seen. But expect Ranger Raptor to benefit similar underpinnings. The bakkie will carry its elevated ride height courtesy of high-performance nitrogen-filled Fox damper all-coil suspension over from the existing vehicle. It will likely carry its bespoke Watts Linkage rear-end over and even wider wheel tracks than the already broader new Ranger. Under flared wheel-arches and extra spats, each end of robust high-clearance side steps.

The new Bronco Raptor will be priced at $69 995 in the US. That’s about the same as what the current R1 06-million bi-turbodiesel 4-pot Ranger Raptor SE will cost you in SA. Expect the new Ranger Raptor to break cover in the coming weeks. And to land on your local Ford dealer floor later in 2022.

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