Smyth Performance will convert Your Charger limo to a Ute

Performance pickups truck fans the world over are still crying over the demise of the Chevrolet, or Holden Ute, depending on where they were sold. Hugely popular as a performance bakkie, the range was topped by the HSV GTSR W1 or SuperUte. Its 645 HP 6.2-litre supercharged V8 nicked from nothing less than the Corvette ZR1. Ford also made an Aussie Ute. It ran a Falcon badge and a 430 HP supercharged five-litre V8.

Enter the Smyth Performance Dodge Charger Ute

Sadly, both those unibody Utes are no more. Holden is dead and Ford has also fled Australia. So, the classic Ute is now confined to the history books. Or is it? well, not according to Rhode Island, US power shop Smyth Performance, in any event. See, Smyth specialises in bakkie conversions on anything from a VW Beetle, Jetta, or Golf to an Audi A4 and even the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Best of all however, Smythe’s Dodge Charger is probably the closest to the classic Ute concept.

Smyth is ready, willing, and able to empower you to convert any Dodge Charger built between 2005 and today, to a bakkie at a most attractive price. The R63K package includes custom-made aluminium panels for the load bed, prefabricated chassis reinforcements, new fibreglass side panels, a new tailgate, and a new cabin end too. The kit is finished by a set of Dodge Caravan taillights. Smyth requires a R20K deposit when ordering outside of the US.

All You Need is That Chainsaw!

A widebody version is also available on request. Conversion instructions come both on paper and in a video and all you need do is rent that chainsaw. For the rest, and depending on your donor limo, your Smyth Dodge Charger Ute can be powered by anything from a farmyard 190 kW HP 3.6-litre V6 to a drag strip king 6.2-litre supercharged 6.2-litre HEMI V8 churning out up to 625 kW. That would make it among the fastest pick-ups on the planet!

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