All-new Acura ARX-06 Ready to Fight Porsche, BMW & Cadillac

Acura revealed details of its all-new IMSA and perhaps even Le Mans contender when it pulled the covers off its ARX-06 racer last week. The sports car racer is set to take on a star-studded field of new and existing rivals from the 2023 Daytona 24 Hour. It is built to next year’s new LMDh rules.


ARX-06 has a 10,000 rpm V6

Best of all however, is news that the new Acura ARX-06 has a new 2.4-liter biturbo V6 that spins up to an impressive 10,000 rpm as the combustion component of its new hybrid power unit.

LMDh combustion engine regulations call for minimum dimension and weight limits, a 110-decibel noise limit, and a 10,000-rpm rev limit. There’s no need for it to be based on a production car engine, which left Acura to take advantage of a bespoke HPD Honda Performance Development designed racing V6.

The 2.4-liter AR24e V6 is Honda’s smallest ever endurance racing engine versus Honda’s 2.2 litre IndyCar V6. It employs an unusual 90-degree vee-angle for a low centre of gravity. Mated to a standard LMDh series hybrid system and fine-tuned by the series’ new Balance of Performance rules, the ARX-06 will develop between 488 and 513 kW at the rear wheels.


ARX-06 Has Gas V6 And Hybrid Power

Acura does not reveal how much power the new V6 musters. LMDh regulations however call for a 30 kW Motor Generator Unit output on smaller circuits. That ups to 50 kW at grandee tracks like Daytona and Le Mans. Read between the lines to figure that one out!

Like the outgoing ARX-05, the Acura ARX-06 is built on an Oreca chassis, one of four options open to LMDh teams. Wayne Taylor Racing and Meyer-Shank Racing will continue to race the ARX-06 in next year’s IMSA Championship. However, while it is allowed to race there, there are no plans yet to race the car in the World Endurance Championship or at Le Mans.

The new LMDh class is a joint venture between IMSA and Le Mans 24 Hour organisers ACO. Made to race LMDh cars will race against production based Hypercars like the existing Le Mans Toyota. An evolution of IMSA’s current LMP2-based DPi prototype class, cars are based on one of those four chassis and fitted with the carmaker’s unique bodywork.


Standard LMDh Hybrid Kit

LMDh cars must be fitted with an engine from the carmaker’s stable mated to a standard series hybrid system. It consists of a Bosch-built electric motor generator and control electronics in an XTrac transaxle. With Williams Advanced Engineering batteries

Acura won the 2019 and 2020, IMSA championships and is fighting for the 2022 title too. The screaming new V6 ARX-06 will be up against its old rival Cadillac’s new LMDh car. As well as BMW and Porsche entries at Daytona, Sebring and through the 2023 IMSA season. Lamborghini joins them in 2024.

Ferrari also joins Glickenhaus, Peugeot, Alpine and Toyota in the WEC and Le Mans Hypercars. Where Porsche’s LMDh cars will also race next year. Acura, BMW and Cadillac have not yet committed to the World Series or Le Mans.


How Long Before ARX-06 Goes to Le Mans?

It seems only a matter of time before all the IMSA and World Sportscar entries will race together. In what promises to become Endurance Racing’s best-ever era.

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