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SA’s top karting series aligns with rival control body World of Motorsport

Rotax Max Challenge Karting South Africa has dumped governing body Motorsport South Africa. The discipline will in future be sanctioned by World of Motorsport South Africa — or WOMZA.

“It is with great excitement that we announce a new dawn for karting,” Rotax Max SA told competitors in a statement on Monday. “The Rotax Max Challenge has been subjected to unpopular regulations and changes forced on it by MSA and its appointees, whom were often are not at all involved in kart racing. We are now creating a dedicated karting regulating body that listens to karters, clubs, promoters, circuits, etc, when making decisions.”


Rotax Max SA explained that it made every effort to persuade MSA for it to continue promoting the series as it had for many years, and for MSA to listen to what the karters were saying, to no avail. The series then investigated how karting is managed in other countries and it soon became clear that well-run karting series around the world are managed by ‘karting people’, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ motorsport union.

Rotax Max South Africa confirmed that its move has the absolute blessing of the global BRP Rotax company, which advised the local arm to ‘look after its karters’. South Africa’s most popular karting series went on to reassure its competitors that not much at all will change initially and that existing series rules apply. It also confirmed that MSA’s draconian and universally unpopular plans for Rotax Max will not apply.

Rotax Max went on to promise a friendlier, more affordable and more fun karting environment no longer beset by the continual vicious rumours, litigation and instability of the past. It briefly outlined that under WOMZA, Karting SA will be guided by highly experienced, passionate club chairmen and ‘karting people’. It will be a dedicated body that runs and promotes karting regionally and nationally with Rotax as the centre point. Karting SA will not be an exclusively Rotax organisation.


WOMZA will cater for Karting SA’s licensing, permit, public liability and accident insurance needs, much as MSA has did in the past, but withiout the requirement to buy MSA accident insurance.

Karting SA will now develop a single, simpler, clearer and comprehensive set of regulations in place of the old, multifaceted and confusing MSA rulebook. It will also institute a rapid racing dispute resolution system to ensue all issues are dealt with and finalised on race days. Karting SA will shortly roll out WOMZA affiliation and licensing details. 2021 calendar and Club, Regional and National Championships series details will be confirmeed shortly after.

2021 and future WOMZA-affiliated South African National Champions will continue qualify drivers to race in the annual Rotax Max ‘Olympics of Karting Grand Finals.

WOMZA has successfully run various facets of motorsport for 15 years. While MSA initially attempted to block WOMZA as a rival motorsport control body some years aback, a landmark court ruling ensures that competitors and officials are free to join both World of Motorsport and MSA, without fear of consequence, as protected by the South African constitution.

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