MERCEDES-BENZ V250d. Who really needs those whistles anyway?

A few months back we had a great time with the full cream Mercedes-Benz V250d Avantgarde with all the bells and whistles. Electric this, power that, automatic the next thing. All of which also shover the price up to a cool R1.3 million.

But what if you don’t want all the whistles, just the Bells? Well, that’s simple. There’s this option — the straightforward V250d that I’m pretty certain in these times, your local Merc dealer will let go new for under a bar.

But what will you miss? Well, not a hell of a lot, it seems. If you can get by with opening the doors by hand and shifting the seats manually. And you don’t mind LEDs rather than the fancy megabuck multi-lens headlights to outshine the rest. This one still does the basic job of shifting the family, the staff or whomever. Just as efficiently, at the same pace and using the same amount of propellant, too.

Upgraded a year or so ago to build on that typical V-Class versatility i gets a few styling and trim tweaks. It’s mechanically identical to the old V. And for that matter, the full cream version too. Other new model niceties include Active Brake, Crosswind and Attention Assistants, among other electronic witchcraft to once again redefine the safety standards in the segment.

V250d is also good for a sub-ten 0-100km/h run. Even more impressive is an elastic ability for a two-ton plus bus. Never mind it’s a hoot to drive with a bit of spunk, while fuel consumption is another bonus. That impressive 6 litres per hundred claim is quite plausible.

Okay, it’s still expensive option, even in this less than premium spec. But if you’re looking for a means of shuttling up to seven people about in more than enough luxury, it ticks all the boxes better than fine.

Yes, you can toss in the mixer for taste, but what the hell, when it’s just as good with just the ice. Here’s one for the Bells! – Michele Lupini

Images – Giordano Lupini

ROAD TESTED: Mercedes-Benz V250d
Engine: 100kW 350Nm 2134cc Turbodiesel
Drive: 7-speed automatic FWD
0-60km/h          4.28 sec
0-100km/h         9.91 sec
0-160km/h         26.57 sec
400m              16.9 sec @ 133km/h
80-120km/h        7.20 sec
120-160km/h       12.65 sec
VMax:             206km/h
Fuel:             6 l/100km
CO2:              158g/km
Warranty/Service: 2y unl/6y 100Kkm
LIST PRICE:       R1.03M
RATED:            8
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