SCOOP — is the wild new Gazoo Racing Yaris getting an even hotter option?

Quite plausibly the most exciting hot hatchback since the original Golf 1 GTi, car fans are already awaiting Toyota’s WRC-bred Gazoo Racing Yaris with bated breath. Now it seems there’s an even wilder one in the works…

GRMN Isn’t FOR German. its for Nürburgring Master

The raison d’etat of this car is however unknown. As are its vitals statistics, but speculation suggests it improves on the stock 1.6 turbo GR Yaris’ 200 kW and 360 Nm as the ultimate range-topping GRMN version. GRMN? Nope, that’s not an acronym for German, but it’s close 0 it stands for ‘Gazoo Racing Master of Nurburgring’.

This latest Gazoo Racing Yaris prototype visibly gains cheek flaps and an even bigger rear wing. Bigger wheel and tyre as well as gills aft of the front wheel arches also suggest bigger brakes too. All those sensors hanging off that mule also suggest that this most extreme GR Yaris chassis has as also been extensively modified.

The top Japanese spec GR Yaris already develops 6 kW and 10 Nm more than its European kin. We wait even more anxiously on this latest GRMN development.

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