SCOOP – flagship AMG C63 to embrace new performance direction

It’s all change for Mercedes-AMG’ third-generation C63. Affalterbach is tossing the long serving V8 in favour of an advanced all-new turbo hybrid four-pot making almost 400kW.

Mules are already testing on the road and pounding the Nürburgring. Besides a new four-port drone in pace of the V8 growl, the newcomer appears to have an aggro version of the new E-Class look about it under all that disguise.

New C63 based on A45 ENGINE

The new power unit is a hybridised version of AMG’s M139 turbocharged 2.0-litre M139 lump currently powereing the AMG A 45 S and its siblings. It goes on sale in the C63 early 2022 and will go on to power a variety of new AMG metal. That a includes detuned replacement for today’s turbo 3-litre V6 C43. So expect it in the next C63 saloon, coupé and convertible, as well as the GLC 43 and 63 SUVs and Coupés.

It has a job to do — the outgoing V8 already had its task cut out by the likes of the biturbo V6 BMW M3 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta. And the Audi RS4.

The base 416bhp and 369lb ft M139 four-cylinder was engineered for both transverse and longitudinal mounting as well as mild-hybrid electric boosting. In its EQ Boost hybrid format, the drivetrain is worked into Mercedes’ nine-speed torque-converter MCT Speedshift gearbox. It is compatible with its 4Matic all wheel drive, now also able to allow on-demand rear-drive only.


The system allegedly features an advanced energy recuperation system that harvests kinetic energy at each wheel. Which suggests those wheel generators may very well double up e-motors as well. All of it will be powered by a 0.9kWh-plus lithium ion battery.

The new power unit is understood to develop a combined 553lb ft torque. That’s 37lb ft up on today’s C63 S 4Matic thanks to the extra output of a souped-up version of the existing 22bhp 184lb ft 53 hybrid drive. Which means it will beat the existing V8’s output in spite of half the capacity and cylinders.

The M139 four-pot weighs 50kg less than the M177 V8 for a weight saving in spite the new hybrid kit. That and a likely low-packed battery and a light e-motor on each corner. It will also bring a dramatic improvement weight distribution over the current car. No, lets rather call that the present car!

This tech uses engineering lessons learned in the development of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. It will also contribute to reducing Mercedes fleet CO2 emissions.

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