NEW – Mercedes-Benz S-Class — 11th-generation S-Class ready to reset the luxury car world. Again

Mercedes-Benz this morning unveiled the brand new 11th-generation W223 S-Class in a digital reveal that promises to yet again reset the luxury car world with a capital S. The slick presentation did well to emphasise all of what seems to be the new luxury leader’s strongest points.

Built in an all-new super-high-tech factory in the heart of Mercedes world in Stuttgart, the all-new S brings next level 11.9-inch ‘mega’ MBux infotainment to market as a central element of the new limo’s splendid yacht-like cabin dominated by an all-new 11.9-inch central big-screen. The latest ‘Hey Mercedes’ system now also individually supports each of the S-Class’s occupants.

Among its latest tech innovations, the big Benz can now connect to all your smart home systems too, so you can turn on the sensual lights in the master bedroom and get the shower running to the perfect temp from your car. That’s courtesy of the new S-Class’ Personal Assistant, which of course also turns your Mercedes into a car office.

it’s all about the cabin

Its cabin has to be one of the biggest new S-Class highlights. Mercedes describes it as ‘like coming home’. The car not only instantly recognises you to set its entire self up to your exact wan. All-new seats of course include every plausible adjustment, massage function and luxury and now even whisper 4D sound and Alicia Keys was even on hand to underline its ultimate audio sensation.

Described as sensually pure, the images do well to illustrate a cabin flush with sumptuous yards of plush, pleated leather, intermingled with Riva powerboat-like surfaces. It all looks very much the brilliant part. A completely reimagined steering that yet again progresses car-to-man interface to altogether another level, appears to have escaped a sci-fi set. 

Like the rest of the subtly integrated high tech bits, of course. Something those Stuttgart suits define as human centric innovation. They promise that it’s a holistic luxury relationship, in which your car actually knows you…
All of that is gently ensconced in a design that Merc styling capo Wagener puts forward as a superior cab-back look, exasperated by the new S-Class’s long wheelbase and generous dimensions. 


Gorden seemed chuffed with his latest charge’s slick 0.22 Cd drag coefficient and classy hi tech grille encompassing all those artificially intelligent sensors. Snazzy new smaller, fatter 3-dot Digital Light headlamps immediately set your S-Class apart, and of course pack the very best in modern illumination tech too. As do those über-detailed taillights.

Mercedes boss Källennius then alluded to all that in a clip while riding in the back, whispering romantically as he emphasised the new car’s incredible quietness ‘at Autobahn speeds’. Sensual purity at its best…?

Then Lewis Hamilton pitched up and beckoned his S to un-park itself and drive itself to him from some basement parking lot. On that score, one of the Mercedes men interjected, promising that this car’s owners will likely never ever get to appreciate all of its best hidden tech. 

Close to fully autonomous, the new S-Class is level 4 ready. Which basically means that all it needs is a fuse or something to ensure that no driver is needed.


Happily once Lewis took the helm, he commanded his S to Sport Plus at all times. Like that, he can take full advantage of its E-Active hydropneumatic Body Control and rear-axle steering, an aspect that makes this big car shockingly agile on the road.

Hamilton however pointed out that when he races his W11, he’s on a track made ready for him to crash. And he’s always at ease to know that his S is so much better to be in on the road, which is a much more dangerous a place to drive…

Under the bonnet, there are five models to start with, two of those being 16kW 250Nm hybrid electric EQ boosted 3-litre turbo petrol straight-sixes. The 270kW 500Nm S 450 4-Matic is good for 5.1 seconds to 100km/h. The 329kW 520Nm S 500 4-Matic meanwhile rushes to 100 in 4.9 seconds. 

Add a trio of 2.9-litre straight-six turbodiesels in the 210Nm 600Nm S 350 in both rear and 4-Matic all-wheel drive get-up, and the 253kW 700 Nm AWD S 400 d 4-Matic. 
A 48-volt integrated starter generator-packed V8 will follow soon, as will the AMG and Maybach versions and a plug-in hybrid with a 100km electric range comes in 2021.

“S-Class is more than just a car.”

New S-Class comes in both normal and long wheelbases, dimensions both of which have increased for the benefit of passengers and their luggage. The S-Class Coupé and convertible have hoever been culled. 

Orders for the new S open in December, with deliveries later in the year.

“Climbing in to this car gives you a feeling that you are coming home” Benz don Ola Källennius concluded “S-Class is more than just a car.” We now look forward to proving him quite correct…