‘LAUNCHED’ Stunning flagship Mini JCW lands in South Africa. Pity it’s sold out

Here’s a tease! Mini has launched its stunning new JCW GP in South Africa. Pity then, that all 38 units of the John Cooper Works flyer to come here, are long spoken for.

The 225 kW 2-litre four-pot is the fastest Mini they have ever built. They say it has a 55kW advantage over the standard John Cooper Works. And that it challenges 5-second 0-100 km/h barrier.

JCW GP – the spawn of Batwoman and Darth Vader

What we can tell you, is that they have stripped JCW GP right down to the bare essentials. With 10mm lowered latest suspension tech in a torsionally optimised lightweight shell. And an aero kit that appears to be the spawn of Batwoman and Darth Vader.

The new GP is the latest in a line of superMinis. First came the 2006 MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works GP. The 2013 JCW GP followed. They made 160kW from their respective supercharged and turbocharged 1600s. Only 30 of the 2000 GPs that Mini produced, were sold in South Africa.

This time we got 38 of the 3000 JCW GPs built. They have are all sold Sold to ‘customers who had registered their interest’. Never fear. We’ve asked for one to test and will soon let you know all about it.

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