596 kW Everrati electric GT40 yours for just fifteen million rand

Now here’s an interesting one. Not sure if Everrati is a spin on Eveready with a bit of Ferrari or Maserati mixed in, but the British company has teamed up with Superformance LLC of Irvine, California to build a purely electric Ford GT40 out of its factory in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Of course, spurned by Ferrari’s rebuttal, Ford built the GT40 to beat the red cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, ’67, ’68 and ’69.

Out With the V8, In With an 811 HP e-Motor

Since when, the GT40 and its looks timelessly modern look, has become a motorsports icon. Now London-based Everrati, which has already notable for converting 964 series Porsche 911s to battery electric drive, has stepped up to equip Superformance’s recreation Ford GT40 Mk2’s 7-litre V8 and fuel tank with a monster battery pack and pair of a 298 kW electric motors. One per rear wheel t to deliver a handy 596 kW and 800 Newton meters of pure electric grunt.

Sold as a factory pre-assembled chassis, the Everrati GT40 comes with Bilstein and H&R coil-over suspension, internally ventilated Wilwood disc brakes and, wait for it, a sound system to play a pretend V8 soundtrack! Yes, this electric racer gets a rock concert specification 110 decibel artificial exhaust note so you can pretend you’re still driving a big block V8. The noise synchronizes with the powertrain and even works in conjunction with a simulated manual transmission.

The Everrati GT40’s 700 volt electric drive is fed by that liquid-cooled 60 kilowatt hour battery. It will charge from 20 to 80 percent in 45 minutes using an 80 kW fast charger. Spread down along the side skirts and behind the seats, Everrati reckons its battery modules conspire to deliver an even better 60-40 front to rear weight distribution than an original GT40 Mk 2A.

Everrati Lighter, Better Balance than the Original

And weighing in at 1,320 kg, the electric car is 47 kg lighter than the original too. They say that the electric GT40 will rush to 100 km/h in under four seconds, and on to ‘more than 200 km/h’. Which means 125 mph versus the real one’s true blue 201 mph top whack. Range is 200 km so likely a fraction of that if you want to make all that noise.

And finally, are you sitting down for the price? Everrati will relieve you of a cool R15-million for the privilege of driving its electric GT40 with rock concert V8 ‘engine’ noise. For that, you even get your electric GT40 inscribed on those famous entry in the GT40 and Shelby registers. Hold onto your hat!

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