New Raptor

All-New Biturbo V6 Ranger Raptor Rewrites the Bakkie Rulebook

Ford has finally trotted out the second-generation Ranger Raptor bakkie the whole world has been waiting for. Indeed, it is substantially more powerful than before. It now packs a ‘rowdy’ 3-litre twin-turbo petrol V6 and New Ranger looks. So, Raptor may not be quite as powerful as the 300 kW the pre-launch speculation suggested. But it’s more than ample at 295 kW and 583 Nm of twist. That’s almost double, and a chunk of twist more than the old diesel.


Packing the same basic engine as the Le Mans Ford GT, the new super bakkie get’s that car’s race-bred anti-lag system. That keeps those turbos spooled up for three seconds after lift-off. To enable the bakkie optimum response once the driver plants the throttle again a corner. The turbochargers are also mapped to start spinning at different times in each of the automatic gearbox’s 10 ratios. For optimal response..

Like its predecessor, Raptors chassis is once again significantly modified over the standard Range to enhance off-road performance and durability. It gets lower friction extended-travel suspension. With 5.5 cm live-valve Fox dampers, beefed up mounts and reinforcements throughout, and a 2.3 mm-thick steel bash plate. There’s also a new electronically controlled two-speed transfer case and locking differentials front and rear. And seven driving modes, three for the road and four for rough terrain.

Visual enhancements extend to a bespoke grille with massive badging, flared wheel arches, 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in chunky all-terrain tyres and an array of aero-enhancing styling cues. Inside, the Raptor comes with ‘jet fighter-inspired’’ seats, orange trim accents and stitching and magnesium paddle shifters. Better get your order in quick. This one’s going to fly off the shelf even though pricing is set to go well into the million rand bracket.

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