US pickup patent images prove Auto scoop, out next Hilux?


Patent diagrams of the next-generation US market Toyota Tacoma pickup not only very closely match Auto’s scoop previews, but they also allegedly preview the look of the next Toyota Hilux bakkie.

Tacoma Patent Image

Do Tacoma patent diagrams reveal next Hilux?

The files presented to a US patent office will protect Toyota’s copyright and can be taken as gospel to how the next Hilux equivalent will look in the US.

That same look has since been applied to the bigger full sized US market Toyota Tundra. Now, with the slightly larger Tacoma expected to be far closer to the next 2025 Hilux, it is suggested that this is also how the Hilux will look.

You may ask how Auto got it so right to be so close to the Tacoma images? That’s simple. We based ours on the electric bakkie that Toyota boss Akio Toyoda presented as part of his monster EV unveil last year.

2022 Auto Hilux Render

EV concept more than just an electric dream

Now it seems, as we suspected, that the white EV was as much an electric tease, as it was a test on market reaction to a future family Toyota bakkie style. It’s a new look that has already since been applied to the bigger full sized US market Toyota Tundra. And now these sketches prove that it’s coming to Tacoma, too.

We have also long speculated on the unification of Eastern and Western Hemisphere Toyota bakkies in their next generations. It is understood that despite drifting further and further apart as they have over time, that the next-generation Tacoma and Hilux will have far more in common under, and possibly even also on the skin.

In other words, Toyota will now consolidate its international heavy-duty off-road vehicle line-ups. Even if that means taking a leaf out of Ford’s one Ranger for all book.

Tacoma Patent Image

Future east, west Toyotas will share far more

So, the next Hilux, Tundra and even Tacoma will have more in common than ever. From Toyota’s next Scalable TNGA-F ladder frame to chassis platform, and shared electronics, mechanical and control architecture. It will simply be scaled to suit each different size Toyota bakkie in a far more efficient new economy of scale.

All that said of course, the next Hilux could very adopt its own unique design over that common platform. But stranger things have happened.

Not least our next Hilux sketches so closely mirroring at least the look of the latest Tundra. Or the patent images that Toyota this week presented to safeguard the look of the next Tacoma.

Tacoma Patent Image

Patent sketches: PhotoIcon, Renders: Lupini

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