Next Hilux comes in 2025. Here’s what the crystal ball says!

To say that the Toyota Hilux is facing its biggest challenge in many a year, is the understatement of the month. With Ford launching Ranger and the international press driving the new VW Amarok around the Boland for the first time as we speak, those new Silverton twins pose the biggest test to Prospection’s favourite in as long as many care to remember.

An all new Hilux should arrive late ’24 for 2025

Toyota has of course already diverted that imminent attack with the new 165 kW 550 Nm GR-S. There’s plenty life in old dog Hilux yet, with the widebody version out of Australia likely to arrive here as another Gazoo step in the not too far future. Those we have covered in some detail already, but what of the next Hilux? The all-new one that’s likely to arrive late in 2024 for ’25?

Well, speculation has been rife for a while. Separating the chaff from the hay however, Auto has some interesting predictions for the next edition of South Africa’s most favourite vehicle. The biggest question has to be, what engines? Well, with Ford’s all-new turbodiesel V6 Ranger likely to already pull a fair number of caravans, boats, and Venter trailers to the beach this December (in those trains you get on the N3, not individually), so Toyota has little option but to answer with a derv V6 of its own.

That bit is easy. There’s now little doubt that a subtly detuned version of the Land Cruiser 300’s splendid 230 kW 690 Nm 3.3-litre turbodiesel V6 will find its way into the next Hilux. Why not before, you may ask? Well, unlike the current big bore atmo petrol V6, the current Hilux engine bay is a bit too tight to accept a contemporary turbodiesel bent six with all its ancillaries attached. So, Toyota fans must wait for the new one. Expect Toyota’s turbodiesel V6 to make around 200 kW and 600 Nm when it finally lands in Hilux trim.

Turbo V6, Hybrid, even EV Hiluxes on the cards?

Toyota is also keen to better leverage Hilux’s Dakar Rally-winning pedigree. Like it flaunted its WRC success with GR Yaris. To that end, it would not surprise if a flagship turbo petrol V6 Gazoo Racing Hilux bursts out of the seams to tackle the Ranger Raptor V6. Once again, would you be surprised if the Cruiser 300’s turbo petrol V6 also finds its way into the Hilux engine bay? They use almost stock V6s in those DakarT1+ race Hiluxes, by the way. Also expect the GD6 four-pot and workhorse mills to continue. With tweaks here and there.

New V6 engines won’t be the only next Hilux step ahead. Built on Toyota’s all-new international TGNA platform, the 2025 Hilux will be hybrid ready. It could even arrive straight off with a Hybrid option, but it will be electric vehicle ready too. In line with US and other demands for ‘zero’ emissions motoring, of course. Which is why the next Hilux bakkie will also share its next gen modular new body-on-frame TNGA-F New Global underpinnings with its US truck brethren.

Next Hilux will also be bigger, broader, and taller than before. To stave off that Ford and VW attack. The existing bakkie’s forthcoming widebody encore is all the evidence we need to make that prediction. And Hilux will continue to be built in Prospection, Durban for local and international consumption.

Does EV prototype give 2025 Hilux look away?

Last but not least, what will the next Hilux look like? Well, Toyota’s recent EV truck prototype is the most recent forward-looking Toyota bakkie design we’ve seen. So once again joining the dots, we reckon the 2025 Hilux look a lot like that yellow Auto render up top on the page. What do you think…? – Michele Lupini

Render: Michele Lupini

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