Afrika’s methanol burning Honda CRX has sub-10 second quarter-mile ambitions.

Road & Track magazine recently shed most interesting light on the illegal and legal drag racing scene down in Cape Town. It’s grown over the years, developing into a cult that grips a cosmopolitan audience in the shadow of Table Mountain.

The local racing scene is diverse too. There’s everything from clandestine midnight street races to top level drags and racing at the Killarney International Raceway. And the rest too.

Formal Drag Racers Blur with the Late-Night Lot

It’s supported by a sophisticated specialist industry bristling with race shops. They look after everything from the all-Golf 1 Class C GTi Challenge to a fleet of Mustang-like V8 Masters. Porsche 911s and much more. The drag scene spreads from national championship days to the Illegal to Legal runs at the local racetrack every Wednesday. It costs a dollar to enter and race from the lights, all night long.

And if you know where to go well after dark, there are myriad clandestine strips. You’ll find anything from biturbo Gallardos to a gang of Gozillas and many more Golf 1s. They hang together — the Vee-dub guys, the Toyota men and the Honda lot. All of them serviced by specialist speed shops with a thirst for race fuel and nitrous oxide. And methanol too.

It’s where you will find Afrika’s mad meth burning Honda CRX

If you draw a little polka dot scatter chart of that whole Cape racing scene, you’ll find Lyle Afrika and his Honda CRX. Somewhere close to where the formal drag racers blur with the late-night lot, together with Honda and methanol.

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