CONFIRMED – GM is testing right-hand drive Corvette C8

Auto understands General Motors is developing a right-hand drive Corvette C8. Does that mean that the American Dream will finally be sold in South Africa, where left-hand drive is banned? The ‘Vette has been LHD-only in recent history. So, owning and driving a new one is basically banned in SA

Now according to corvetteforum.com, the Corvette C8 team has built right-hand-drive C8s. And they are currently testing them, “for countries where people drive on the wrong side of the road.”


Japan has already opened order books where the RHD Corvette sold out almost immediately. GM is also targeting the UK, India and Australia, with a new Special Vehicles brand in the wake of Holden’s recent demise. GMSV will also build and sell other RHD conversions, including the Chevrolet Silverado and possibly Camaro.

South Africa is also mentioned as a target market for the new RHD C8,. But how that can happen will need to be resolved. GM fled SA a second time in 2016, destroying any brand value it had left here. Now with Corvette sniffing around, could third GM coming really be in the offing?

A more likely scenario is to sell Corvette through an importer in SA. Most of the exclusive brands seem to thrive in such scenarios. The difference here being that the ‘Vette fills a rather unique niche in SA. It offers Ferrari-like supercar allure at a fraction of the cost. An interesting prospect indeed… — Michele Lupini

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