Vision 357 first of several Porsche 75th birthday concepts

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Porsche is going back to the future, if this 75th birthday present Vision 357 concept is anything to go by. The first of several ‘presents’ to celebrate Porsche’s three quarters of a century as a carmaker, Vision 357 is a modern take on the classic original Porsche 356.

It was 75 years ago in 1948 that the 356 became the first production car to carry the Porsche name. It went on to become the basis of the legendary Porsche 911, itself 60 years old in 2023.


357 is a Modern Take on the Original 356

The Vision 357 is a modern take on the original classic 356 design. It has a similar rounded front and rear ends, and flared wheel arches framing special 20-inch alloy wheels. It wears a special 75th-anniversary livery, giving credence to a similar future production car

“The Porsche 357 coherently combines the past, present and future,” Porsche design boss Michael Mauer points out. “These details visualize the future.” Mauer refused to confirm whether the 357 provides an immediate look into the brand’s future styling. He added that it does not preview the next 911.


Future Porsche Design Cues Lurk on 357

“There are elements that maybe will make it one day into production,” Mauer teased. “Look at these headlights and body-integrated taillights. “It’s one possible solution, or vision, or you could almost say dream.” The 357 also has virtual wing mirrors as on Audi on some Audi E-tron models, hinting at a Porsche future for them, too.

Vision 357’s cabin is left to the imagination. “This one’s cockpit would be similar to that of the 718 Cayman, were this car ever put into production,” Mauer teased. “We always try to do concepts that aren’t just for the sake of doing something and I would love to have this car as well. “But again, this Vision is a birthday present – wait and see what the next one is!”


Powered by a 386 kW 450 Nm Boxer Six

Vision 357 gets the 718 Cayman GT4’s 386 kW 450 Nm boxer six turning the rear axle via a seven-speed dual-clutch. Fed by high side air intakes, it’s a significant step up from the original 356’s 30 kW Beetle litre flat four.

Will a Porsche 357 ever happen? As designer Mauer suggests, we can only dream!

Original Porsche 356
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