OPEL MOKKA REVEALED with new Opel design, style and freedom of power choice

Meet probably Opel’s most important new car in 50 years. The all-new Mokka not only brings a brand new Opel look and a fully digital Opel cockpit for the first time. It is also the first new Opel model since PSA acquired the marque from General Motors

The striking new Mokka bears the first real fruit of that new Franco-German entente. It gets electric, gasoline and diesel engines and hits the road in Europe in 2021.

Unusually, it is shorter than the Crossland X but wheelbase grows. So it has shorter overhangs and similar space for occupants. The 4.15m long newcomer weighs in a significant 120kg lighter too


Mokka gets Opel all-new Vizor design language. New wing-shaped daytime running lights integrate with a bead in the bonnet. And two lines that meet in the centre of the grille. That headlines Ope’s that will characterise all future models.

Inside you’ll find the fully digital new Opel Pure Panel digital cockpit. Its dual screens sit behind a common fascia. The most important functions are controlled by buttons. If features voice controlled Apple Car-Play and Android Auto multimedia.

Add live traffic sign recognition and OpelConnect navigation, emergency calls and roadside assistance. There’s also inductive smartphone charging in the centre console.

New Mokka will also be the first Opel to get sporty GS-Line equipment. That adds black wheel rims, two-tone paintwork and red design accents outside and in. Optional leather ergonomic and comfort seats get air-conditioning and a massage function.

Mokka gets standard all-round LED lighting with optional 14 element IntelliLux LED matrix light illumination. Options also include adaptive cruise control, a 180-degree reversing camera and active Lane Keeping Assist.


In keeping with PSA’s philosophy of offering all drive types in its range, new Mokka comes in the choice of petrol, diesel and full electric models

Two turbo petrol 1.2-litre three-cylinder produce either 75 kW and 205 Mn or a heathy 100kW and 230 Nm good for 9.2 seconds to 100km/h and 202 km/h top speed. A manual six-speed gearbox is standard, but the more powerful version can be had with a new an eight-speed automatic too.

The 80 kW 250 Nm Euro 6d emissions compliant 1.5-litre turbodiesel only comes six-speed manual equipped for 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds and 190 km/h. Just like the gasoline engine, the diesel engine also meets the thanks to extensive exhaust gas cleaning.

The 100 kW 260 Nm all-electric Mocca’s 50 kWh accelerates from 0-100km/h in 9.1 seconds but top speed is limited to 150 km/h. Sporting sport, eco and normal modes, it offers a driving range of up to 322 km.

E-Mocca’s battery pack comprises 216 cells in 18 modules and carries an an eight-year guarantee.It can fast charge at up to 100 kW direct current, at eleven kW on a home wallbox or trickle charge on on three-phase.

Mokka is tentatively scheduled for launch in SA early in 2022.

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