GT 63 S E

Mad 620 kW Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Defines the Performance Future

Mercedes-AMG has commenced its electrified future, quite literally with a bang. Meet the mad new 620 kW 1,450 Nm AMG GT 63 S E Performance 4-Door Coupé. Mercedes-Benz’s performance division’s first plug-in hybrid builds on the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé by mating its twin-turbocharged 4-litre petrol V8 with a rear axle integrated electric motor in the first of a new breed of more powerful, more economical and cleaner burning Mercedes-AMGs.

Electric Motor Adds a Bonus 155 kW

Boasting savage acceleration and that familiar AMG roar, a silent 400V electric motor adds 155 kW to the V8’s 470 to easily eclipse both the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid’s 515 kW and the 460 kW the BMW M5 Competition. Torque similarly climbs dramatically from 900 to that vicious 1,450 Nm. The electric motor drives the rear wheels via a two-speed gearbox, while the engine still turns all four wheels via the regular nine-speed Speedshift MCT auto gearbox.

A Drive Dynamic controller selects any of six Slippery, Electric, Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and Race driving modes. You can also choose your own Individual mode. Race brings a predominately rear-biased feel. The packaging of the motor and battery at the rear has also improved weight distribution, from 54:46 to an ideal 50:50. The constantly variable 4Matic+ system differs to that on regular AWD Mercedes to send more drive to the front when the car starts sliding.

Electric energy is stored in a 560 cylindrical cell, liquid-cooled 6.1 kWh battery. It had double the power-density regular Mercedes plug-in hybrid batteries for rapid power deployment. Mounted above the electric motor, it’s charged by a 3.6 kW AC system via a port on the rear bumper. And mobile regeneration. Fully charged, it can drive 12 km on battery power only. Combined fuel economy 6.5 l/100 km with CO2 emissions of 180g/km.

The Focus is on Performance

Range is not a big priority for AMG. Its focus is far more on performance. The electric motor can give 150 kW for short bursts. But it’s programmed to offer a milder 70 kW of continuous boost for effortless open-road cruising and immediate response. The electrified car now weighs a considerable 460 kg more than its combustion sibling, at 2,380 kg. Yet it still dashes to 0-100 km/h 0.3 seconds faster in 2.9 seconds and on to 320 km/h flat out.

Braking is by 420 mm front and 380 mm rear carbon-ceramic discs with big Brembo callipers. That’s complimented by four-stage regenerative braking controlled by the drive selector. Styling tweaks are limited to a subtly changed front bumper, new badging and unique 20-inch or optional 21” alloys. The only real cabin giveaway is a new digital readout within the instrument panel.

At the end of the day however, it is clear that electrification has brought a new dimension to what was already a highly capable performance car.

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