A travesty to the faithful, Ferrari’s truck is special under the skin

Purosangue. Literally translated it means pure blood. The actual connotation is thoroughbred, or blue blood. Purosangue is also what Ferrari calls its first truck. But not everyone is happy about that.

Ferrari purists, the tifosi, or Ferraristi, as they call us rabid Ferrari F1 fans and staunch brand supporters, are dismayed. A Ferrari truck? For goodness’s sake! Some even suggest that the Purosangue is the reason why the gods are punishing the F1 team with its torrid spate of luck of late!


Enzo Ferrari Must be Turning in His Grave

They say Enzo Ferrari, the man who insisted that the horse must be in front to the cart – in other words a car must be front engined. And that the engine is far more important than a car’s aerodynamics, must be turning in his grave. History proved Enzo wrong on both those fronts. It probably will prove us fools wrong too. So be it.

Anyway, Ferrari’s first ever truck, as Americans call SUVs, and first ever four-door it may be. But this naturally aspirated new 8,250 rpm 525 kW 700 Nm 6.5-litre V12 Ferrari Purosangue certainly is a technical tour de force. The most powerful SUV ever made, it may lack a little in torque, but it certainly will make up for that in its ability to rev so freely. Ferrari tells us that that 80 percent of that torque will be available at 2100 rpm. Yet it still peaks at a lofty 6,250 rpm.

An eight-speed dual-clutch automatic turns a Ferrari’s unique FF and GTC4 Lusso all-wheel drive system that disengages from 125 mph to be only rear-driven. Rear-wheel steering and Ferrari’s Side Slip Control to manage the traction and stability control. And ABS is of course standard. Weighing in at close to 5000 pounds, Ferrari claims Purosangue will accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds. And go on to a 315 km/h top speed.


Special Purosangue Suspension

Ferrari’s novel advanced active spool-valve damper suspension technology ensures that its truck meets its lofty handling performance standards. This system of an electric motor at each corner to apply force to the dampers and control body motions, replaces anti-roll bars. The suspension can also lower the car 1.5 cm in hard cornering.

Ferrari says that Purosangue is not meant for of off-roading and ride height cannot raise beyond the standard 182 mm ground clearance. The Ferrari truck runs staggered 22-inch, 255-width front and 23-inch, 315-width tyres in the rear.

Purosangue’s chunky stance and apparent GTC4 Lusso looks are said to separate smooth and elegant the upper and more aggro lower body. In an attempt to reduce the car’s visual height. Let’s just say, it’s complicated.


A Different Ferrari for Different Ferraristi

Faux headlight cut-outs and quaint daytime running light strip crossed air intakes bisecting these intakes serve as lights and turn signals. Ferrari will allow Purosangue owners to customize their vehicles with a wide range of options inside and out. One aspect we do like about this four-seater Ferrari, are those Rolls-Royce and classic Duesenberg-like suicide rear doors. ’To ease access to the two individual rear seats.’

A typical Ferrari Mannetino drive-mode controller multifunction steering wheel sits ahead of 10.2-inch digital dials and a screen for the front passenger. There’s a great variety of buttons and knobs but no central infotainment screen. A broad selection of leather, Alcantara, and carbon-fibre trims will be available. Owners can opt for an electrochromic tint adjustable glass roof in place of the stock carbon-fibre version.

Don’t expect much change from eight million rand for your Purosangue when it goes on sale late next year. Ferrari also intends for demand to outstrip supply for this ‘different Ferrari for different Ferraristi.’


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