Dunlop ups racing effort on 060+ performance tyre launch

Dunlop Tyres is launching its all-new Sport Maxx 060+ high performance tyre range to South Africa around Killarney’s National Extreme Festival races for very good reason this week. The revolutionary new tyres that bring superior performance, durability, and comfort, hit the road hand in hand with Dunlop’s heightened involvement on track in South African motorsport.

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Racing improves the breed – Dunlop

“Racing improves the breed,” Dunlop’s Sumitomo Rubber SA CEO Lubin Ozoux explains. “We had already taken the high ground in local circuit racing, supplying tyres, and supporting competitors in the country’s top national circuit racing formulae, Global Touring Cars, SupaCup and CompCare Polo Cup, as well as in several leading regional classes, through our motorsport partners ATS.

“Now Dunlop will build on our commitment to South African motor racing. “This week’s Sport Maxx 060+ tyre launch is happening around the Killarney Extreme Festival for very good reason. “It’s the first step in consolidating our local racing efforts under the Dunlop Sport Maxx brand in South Africa. “Racing proves Dunlop’s advantage as a performance tyre brand engineered developed and manufactured in South Africa beyond doubt. “Now we look forward to further leveraging Dunlop’s advantage through South African racing, which once again proved so spectacular, now also with Sport Maxx branding at Killarney on Saturday.”

Dunlop’s latest flagship ultra-high-performance Sport Maxx 060+ tyre improves on an already strong formula. It delivers ultimate performance, and longevity for any high-performance passenger car or SUV. Sport Maxx 060+ takes the outstanding handling, steering response, stability, and grip of its popular 050+ predecessor to new heights. A new, asymmetric, wide centre groove pattern delivers even better dry and wet performance. Sport Maxx 060+ also brings a unique double-edged sword in 40% improved tyre life thanks to its new tread compound.

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Sport Maxx 060+ is more dynamic, durable

In short, Dunlop Sport Maxx 060+ delivers a more dynamic, durable, higher mileage tyre together with much improved tyre performance.

“Our customers want enhanced precision, responsiveness, and traction,” Dunlop CEO Ozoux points out. “Sport Maxx 060+ delivers all this and more, backed by the same Japanese technology, craftmanship and innovation that Dunlop Tyres are already famous for. “Our tyre designers in Kobe worked hard to benchmark our new 060+ range against the best in the world. “We expect that the technology and features in our new flagship performance tyre will see it take the top end of the market by storm.”

The new Dunlop Sport Maxx 060+ comes in 56 different sizes, ranging from 16 to 21 inches. All feature the unique new 060+ tread pattern optimised to increase tyre life without compromising on wet and dry performance. 060+ also benefits improved tyre construction, and a new rubber compound. All this conspires to ensure that the new tyre delivers exceptional high-speed stability, excellent cornering, and a luxuriously comfortable ride for any ultra-high-performance vehicle.


Excellent wet & dry 060+ Performance

The new Dunlop Sport Maxx 060+ tyre has high stiffness shoulder blocks to maximise road contact. They also provide high braking force and excellent cornering grip in dry road conditions. 060+ has custom water evacuation grooves to reduce hydroplaning and provide stability and control, better displacing any standing water on the road in wet road conditions. A unique optimised rigidity pattern across the width of its contact patch also delivers more precise steering. The new Sport Maxx 060+ tread pattern and rubber compound achieved EU Label Wet Grip Grade for all tyre sizes.

Sport Maxx 060+ also features a new asymmetric tread pattern allowing it to deliver equal performance in both directions. This advantage allows 060+ rubber fitted to performance cars that often deliver uneven tread wear, to be refitted in the reverse direction at the appropriate time. When unidirectional tyres would have to be thrown away.

Designed to look as cool as your ride too, Dunlop Sport Maxx 060+ tyres feature all-new Nano Black micro engraving technology. That proudly finishes off the Dunlop name on the tyre. A new genuine Dunlop tyre design technique makes for deeper black sidewall colouring and sexy new age tyre branding.


060+ is backed by warranty & guarantees

Sport Maxx 060+ is backed by the Dunlop Sure 8 Year Product Life Warranty. It protects customers against tyre material and workmanship defects in. Buyers can activate Dunlop’s free 12 month Sure Tyre Insurance at no extra charge at any Dunlop Branded retail outlet in Southern Africa. Dunlop Sure Tyre guarantees replacement if tyres are damaged beyond repair within the first year of purchase.

Ultimate in both form and function, Dunlop’s new Sport Maxx 060+ tyre comes in a range of sizes. To suit most all sports cars, GTs, sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. From Audi to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, and Lexus to Land Rover and many more.

Visit any of Dunlop’s 350 dealers nationwide or http://www.dunloptyres.co.za for more or find instant pricing for Dunlop tyres on your wheels at Click2Fit.

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