Wild fifty-off BMW 3.0 CSL salutes iconic Batmobile

BMW really has spoiled us with many a 50th anniversary M celebration. From the M2, to the XM and even a new Le Mans race car. Now it’s topped all that with this wild tribute to its first real performance car. Meet the 50-off 3.0 CSL.

3.0 CSL

Batmobile Inspired in Every Way

3.0 CSL finally delivers a production nod to the 2015 Homage concept of a modern rendering of the great original E9 coupe. That grand tourer soon sprouted wings on the road to qualify the incredible ‘Batmobile’ to race and win all around the world.

The modern CSL is a nod to that iconic racecar. Powered the same turbocharged straight-6 out of its M4 sibling, this one’s stretched to a BMW streetcar record 407 kW. That’s closing in on the M4 GT3’s 440 kilowatts.

But here’s the trick. All fifty 3.0 CSLs are stick-shift six-speed manuals available in rear-wheel drive only. With a 100 percent lockable Active M differential. God bless you, BMW M!

3.0 CSL

What You’d Expect From the Letters CSL

Set apart by the blistered fenders, roof and decklid wings you’d expect to go with the letters CSL, its shinier kidney allegedly salute the original E9 CSL grill. Add yellow laser LEDs in a dual E9 headlight pattern and good old hand painted BMW M candy stripes.

Completely redeveloped as an M exclusive model, BMW refutes CSL’s M4 roots. Its only siblings are the M1 supercar and the upcoming XM SUV. Pricing remains secret, but some suggest it will go for about R13-million!

South African’s need not bother too much about that price. None are coming. However with only 50 coming for the rest of the world, you’d better order yours now!

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