REVEALED – MASERATI MC20: New supercar takes Maserati back to its roots

Maserati has now spilled all the beans about its stunning new 455kW 730Nm bespoke biturbo Nettuno MC20 supercar that leaked yesterday. And there’s more to it than just the car…

MC20 launches a bold multi-billion euro return to Maserati’s performance and racing roots. The new flag bearer will also get electric power, a convertible and motorsport versions.

455kW 730Nm Nettuno biturbo V6

More significantly the MC20’s Nettuno (Italian for Neptune) biturbo V6 heart is the trident brand’s first in-house engine in 20 years. Developed at Maserati’s new Modena Engine Lab, the new 3-litre gets Twin Combustion twin-spark ignition. It turns an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic and a self-locking mechanical limited-slip differential.

There’s an optional electronic diff. And five GT, Wet, Sport, Corsa and bareback ESC Off driving modes. Weighing in at under 1500kg, the carbonfibre and lightweight materials rich MC20 has a 308kW per tonne power-to-weight ratio.

MC20: 0-100 ‘under 2.9 seconds’, ‘over 330km/h’

That ensures 0-100km/h in ‘under 2.9 seconds’, with 200km/h coming up in just 8.8 seconds. Top speed ‘over 330km/h.’

MC20 has double-wishbone suspension all round with a virtual steering axle both ends. Braking is by ventilated 380x34mm six-piston Brembos up front and four-pot 350x27mm discs at the rear. MC20 rides on 20-inch rubber

A largely bare carbonfibre minimalist cabin gets two 10-inch digital instrument displays for the instruments and infotainment. There’s also a driving mode selector, wireless smartphone holder, infotainment controls.

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