TOP TENS – Do you know which are the top ten most powerful Audis of all?

Here’s an interesting one for you on your lazy public holiday. We all know that Audi builds — and has always built some insanely powerful cars. But which are the top ten most powerful Audis of them all? And which one of them produces that all-important most horsepower of the lot?

Well, in an effort to settle any argument at your next barbecue, we spent some time delving through data. We searched out Audi’s most powerful cars, based on Audi quoted figures, so no tuners or private dyno data.

So, can you guess which Audis are on the list? And which is the strongest of the lot? So, place your bets, click through them one by one starting here with number ten. You’ll soon know the pecking order of the most powerful engines of all to carry those four Audi rings – just follow the link below…

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