Huracan successor mules appear. We strip off the camo.

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Test mules of the car set to replace the Lamborghini Huracan have broken cover. Development of Sant ‘Agata’s latest smaller supercar is continuing apace. Expected to be revealed in the flesh in 2024, Auto’s intrepid spy car stripping sleuth has also been at it again. The sketches of two green and orange cars on this page are how we expect it to look.

The mules have however created a bit of a stir. They feature daylight running lights embedded in its typically aggro bumper grille, which, well, look more like lit cream doughnuts. Now Lamborghini has only just committed to tri-spur-like driving lights as debuted on the Revuelto and now again on its brand new Le Mans Hypercar shown at Goodwood over the weekend. So what’s it with these doughnut DRLs on the mule?

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A daylight driving light conundrum

On close inspection, they appear pretty real. Especially when compared to the typically spy car half-job images of Gallardo headlamps glued to the mule’s bonnet in a more obvious ruse to hide the truth. So what will it be, cream doughnuts as per the green render on top? Or sexy latest Lambo styling lamps in Auto’s other exclusive render of the orange car above?

Either way, there’s much to look forward to in the as yet unnamed Lamborghini Huracan replacement due sometime next year. Talking of its name, expect it to once again be impossible to get the English tongue around, and difficult to spell. As all Lamborghinis are. But beyond that DRL question, we’re pretty sure the new car won’t look much different to our scoop sketches on this page.

Typically Lamborghini edgy and angular, the mules seem to carry one or two Revuelto design cues across. But there are several differences beyond that DRL question. It appears that the new car has long, narrow headlamps, that may project backward to stylistically connect with more conventional side ducts. Revuelto has significantly pronounced cut in its side. This car also appears to have a front bumper and a few other more conventional styling solutions.


NEXT Huracan mules developing hard

So let’s wait and see on all that, and how close our doodling turns out to be  versus the real thing. But there are other aspects of the newcomer that we are a bit more sure about. Like electrification. Lamborghini will continue its hybridisation plans already established in the Sian and the Revuelto (and of course the brand new SC63 LMDh Hypercar) into this Huracan replacement.

The company has not given up on combustion power just yet. And it will continue its plug-in petrol-electric romance into this new hybrid supercar. Indeed, the newcomer will lose the venerable V10 it shared with the top end Audi R8 in its Gallardo and Huracan incarnations but gain a new Lamborghini-developed V8 and electric motors powered by a socket and friction-rechargeable battery back.

So it won’t be as light or agile but expect Lamborghini’s hybrid V8 supercar to be far greener to pass ever more draconian emissions regulations. And likely quicker and faster too. Because its e-motors will also increase power and reduce lag. How supple and agile it will be, remains to be seen. The newcomer will also be its own car this time around. Its former R8 cousin is dead and buried. Audi has dived headlong into its all-electric future…


heavier, faster Huracan replacement?

Lamborghini’s smaller supercar’s plug-in hybrid replacement will also use an albeit simplified version of the light and sturdy Revuelto ‘monofuselage’. This one will however incorporate more aluminium and a little less carbonfibre in an effort to keep costs down and profitability up.

Expect Lamborghini to reveal Huracan’s all plug-in hybrid replacement during 2024.  Deliveries commence in 2025.

Sketches: Michele Lupini

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