QUICK NEWS Ford Kugas self-igniting all across Europe

Ford of Europe has warned new Kuga plug-in hybrid owners not to charge their vehicles under any circumstances. Owners should urgently visit a Ford workshop, while sales of the model have also been suspended. Why? Well, latest model Kugas appear to be keeping up an old Kuga tradition. They are self-igniting.

Blazing Kugas nothing new

You will be quite correct if fiery Ford Kugas strike a chord. Previous model Kugas of course became infamous for bursting into flames across South Africa, with one owner dying in the resulting inferno. Ford SA responded to the crisis and recalled all those cars to all but eliminate the issue.

An issue in the latest Kuga PHEV’s high-voltage battery has seen several cars self-ignite under certain circumstances. The issue affects 33404 units sold across Europe since July 2019. Ford is now working on a permanent solution, with a temporary fix in place. Ford will hand owners a R5000 voucher for their inconvenience.

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