REVEALED — Subaru punishes Japan with a front- wheel drive STi.

Subaru has shocked die-hard Impreza fans by launching a front-wheel drive STi! Sacrilege, we know and I’m sure this news will reverberate through the STi cult like a force 10 quake. This lunacy is happily limited to the Japanese home market.

This one focuses on optics, rather than bothering about engine power. Or sublime Subaru traction. We understand exports will come in Subaru’s incredible symmetrical AWD only. Available as and 85kW FWD 1.6-litre petrol boxer and the 110kW CVT equipped version that only gets AWD as an option.

The pisswilly STI Sport packs all the looks and aggro. It gets black 18-inch alloys with 225/40 tires and tuned Showa struts. Not sure why? Add black and carbon look trim, toothless STI logos front and rear. And a diffuser rear apron insert for the AWD option. Should you happen to fall down a mineshaft.

Add a sportier cabin with a red contrast stitched leather steering wheel, more piano and carbon trim, two-tone seat covers and aluminium pedals. Pretty sure the aftermarket will follow with a bazooka exhaust complete with a mega sound system to pretend it’s a real STi. And maybe even faux backfire flames too. What a shame!

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