TESLA MODEL S-BASED BINZ E ready to make your funeral squeaky clean

And you thought 2020 had shown you it all already? Well here’s another wacky new developmeht – you can now enjoy your final ride in zero emissions glory Special vehicle manufacturer Binz is going into production with its Tesla Model S-based hearse.

The Binz E gets a significantly elongated 3.8 metre stretched wheelbase over its donor Tesla. Chopped at the A-pillar, the E features a steeply rising roof line, which ends in a steep C-pillar. The side view is dominated by a huge glass surface, the parapet line of which rises towards the rear.

BINZ E IS Nearly 6 metres of electric hearse

Total length is up to 5.82 meters.and it also grows to 1.72 metres tall. Boasting a power tailgate and power side hatch, its coffin space gets an electrically extendable loading floor.

Binz offers the option of converting both new and used, pre and post facelift Tesla Model S. Customers can provide their own donor vehicle to convert, or order a ready for funeral hearse directly. It takes three months to convert a car, plus Tesla’s six to seven month delivery on a new one.

The E of course benefits environmental e-car bonuses in most markets. The company reckons its E has a 350 km from its stock Tesla drivetrain.

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